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Finding Your Brand Voice

The Story of Your Brand

Brand Strategy and Brand Governance

Brand Strategy should be at the core of every piece of marketing, communications or social media activity. Every business and professional individual has a brand voice in the marketplace (whether or not you are aware of it). How you choose to leverage that voice depends on your awareness of your brand, your unique value proposition and your target audience group.

Actively managing your brand is one of the foundations of sales and marketing success.

Finding Your Brand Voice

Every brand and business should have something different and unique to offer, otherwise, why are you in business? Yet many businesses and professionals don’t take the time to clearly uncover exactly what is their unique offering to clients — in other words, what is their brand voice. Some businesses may be aware that they don’t have a well-developed brand strategy, but they don’t quite know how to go about doing this for themselves.

If you cannot clearly communicate to someone what your business is all about and why you are better or different than your competitors, then how are your customers supposed to know this?

The ability to be able to communicate your brand promise is often referred to as the elevator pitch. When you can clearly communicate your unique value proposition in 30 seconds or less, then you will be much further ahead than most other businesses.

Discovering the Unique Value Proposition for Your Brand

One of my core strengths as a marketing professional is helping clients to discover their unique value proposition. Before an effective marketing and social media strategy can be developed, we need a clear and concise understanding of brand promise.

In other words: what is the story of your business?

To do this, I start at the very beginning by getting to know you and your business. While I have many years of executive marketing and digital strategy experience that I bring to the table, it really all begins with me taking the time to listen and learn about you and your business offering. Only then will I have the information required to

a) help you to uncover and hone your business’ unique value proposition and

b) help to develop a custom marketing and digital strategy for you — one that will truly provide the exposure and reach that your business deserves and that you expect.

Every Business Has a Story to Tell

The old adage “words tell, stories sell” is very true. In virtually every type of business model, telling a compelling story about your brand is a strategic differentiator for you and your business. This is very important to individual business professionals as well, such as Investment Advisors and Realtors, for example. Even though you may be hanging your shingle under the brand of a major corporation, you still need to develop and communicate your unique value proposition in order to differentiate yourself from the large community of other advisors.

Competition is fierce. Those who don’t know and/or who cannot communication a unique value proposition are at a distinct disadvantage.

When you choose to work with me, you will get a very different approach to marketing, because I will develop a very unique and targeted marketing plan for your property based on the the story of your home.

The story of your business will be unique to you. It may have to do with the history of your firm, or it may relate to a unique approach to doing business or the products that you sell. The point is that through the story development, we will identify your unique value proposition and your unique brand voice. Once you know this and can communicate this, you will be in a much better position to target the most likely buyers of your product or service with complete confidence and a competitive edge. I can also help to develop and implement a marketing and social media strategy to go after your target market.

That is what targeted marketing is all about.

Every Business Has a Story to Tell.

Mike Belobradic
Marketing, Digital Strategy & Social Media Advisor.

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