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Mike Belobradic Luxury Travel Fee Guide

Mike Belobradic Luxury Travel: Fees & Professional Services Guide

The Value of Advice and Your Guide to a Better Vacation Planning Experience

Summary: I charge a one-time non-refundable flat fee of CAD$399.00 + applicable taxes (Canadian residents) or US$375.00 (U.S. residents) for my professional travel advisory services. See below for complete details.

As a full-service Travel Advisor, I provide a comprehensive suite of luxury travel advisory services to my clients in Canada and the United States. In doing this, I leverage over 50 years of first-hand Disney travel experience — including nearly 100 trips to Walt Disney World alone.

I also provide my clients with extensive global luxury travel advice for a curated list of select destinations outside of Disney Parks and Resorts. This is first-hand advice gained from staying at all of these resorts.

As an affiliated member of the Virtuoso network of luxury travel agencies and advisors, I also have access to some of the most exclusive luxury travel experiences and special offers around the globe, so please feel free to contact me if you have a specific request or idea in mind.

My clients value the unique perspective and depth of experience that I bring to our discussions, which is not easily replicated by others. This is my unique value proposition to you.

Seven Seas Lagoon, Walt Disney World

Custom-Tailored Vacation Itineraries

The primary value that I bring to my clients comes in the form of experienced custom travel advice and specialized itinerary-planning services. This is based on my vast first-hand knowledge of Disney destinations gained over 50+ years.

Any travel agent can book a Disney vacation for you (and you can do it just as easily on your own). But the real value of a Travel Advisor comes in the crafting of a custom-tailored itinerary for that vacation, one that takes into account the unique Disney DNA of your family. The same goes for vacations to destinations that I cover outside of Disney Parks and Resorts. I provide first-hand personal knowledge, advice, experience and recommendations to all of my clients at a level that you won’t find anywhere else.

My clients value experienced and opinionated advice from a trusted source with whom they can discuss options, ask questions and get feedback upon which to base their vacation decisions.

As an example, I will generally spend a minimum of 30 to 35 hours on the initial planning of a client’s Disney vacation. It is that type of commitment that I make to each of my luxury travel clients.

In addition, as a Luxury Travel Advisor affiliated with TravelEdge, I have access to the membership benefits from Virtuoso—an exclusive global network of top luxury travel agencies. Virtuoso represents the best-of-the-best in travel, with an impressive portfolio of over 1,700 preferred luxury travel partners (hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and more). As a Virtuoso Advisor I can sometimes uncover pricing and offers not available to travelers searching direct online (for non-Disney destinations) and also not available to agents working outside of the Virtuoso network. Luxury travelers would be wise to inquire as to whether their Advisor has access to Virtuoso benefits.

All of this combines to greatly extend the value that I provide to my clients above and beyond my extensive first-hand destination knowledge and expertise.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Professional Vacation Advisory Services

While Travel Agents are generally compensated by the destination for some of the transactional aspects of a vacation (the booking of vacation packages, resort hotel rooms, and items such as a Disney Dining Plan and Disney Parks tickets), compensation is not provided by many airlines and other related service providers.

For all of the non-transactional services, which are the most important component of your vacation plan, I charge a nominal professional advisory fee. I am 100% transparent about my fee structure.

Please note:

  • Vacation Advisory Fees are not part of your destination travel reservation costs and will be collected up front before I begin the in-depth itinerary planning process.
  • These are professional fees for expert advice and time spent and are non-refundable.
  • These costs are in addition to any fees or deposits required by the destination (For example, the Disney Travel Company typically requires a US$200.00 deposit at time of booking, with balance due in full 45 days before arrival. Payment in full is required at the time of booking for reservations made within the 45-day window.)

If you are considering a Disney vacation, see all Disney Travel Company Terms & Conditions.

Disney Polynesian Resort Map

Vacation Advisory Services & Costs

The following flat fees will be applied to all reservations:

  • CAD$399.00 + applicable taxes (Canadian residents) or
  • US$375.00 (US residents)

This is a one-time flat fee for a family or group of up to seven. Typically this falls somewhere in the range of 2.5% to 3.5% of the total cost of an average booking.

Groups of more than seven travelers will be quoted on an individual basis.

What is Included: For Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort Vacations

This fee includes the following services (where applicable):

  • Custom Discovery Process (where I get to know you and your family),
  • Airline and transfer research and reservations, if required,
  • Disney Travel Advisory Services,
  • Specific itinerary recommendations and advice,
  • A Detailed Itinerary for your vacation, including each day of your stay (printed copy supplied to you),
  • Disney Dining recommendations and reservations,
  • FastPass+ recommendations and reservations,
  • Special Event or VIP package recommendations and reservations,
  • Setup of a MyDisneyExperience account for you (If you do not already have one), which allows you to manage most details of your vacation onsite.

This process usually will occur over any combination of email, phone calls or personal meetings.

Note: The final itinerary package, including tickets and other materials will come to you neatly packaged approximately two to four weeks before your vacation date (after Disney issues the tickets).

For travelers who booked their own Disney vacation
Itinerary-Only Fees

  • If you booked your Disney vacation directly with Disney Travel yourself and would like assistance creating a custom itinerary for your vacation, I will provide the above noted services for a flat fee of CAD$499.00 (+ applicable taxes) for Canadian residents. (US$475.00 for US residents)
  • If you transfer your qualifying pre-existing booking to me (eligibility will need to be confirmed), I will provide the same services at the Preferred Client Rate of CAD$399.00 (+ applicable taxes) for Canadian residents. (US$375.00 for US residents)

What is Included: For Non-Disney Destinations or Disney Destinations Independent of Theme Parks

This includes the following (where applicable):

  • Custom Discovery Process (where I get to know you and your family),
  • Airline and transfer research and reservations, if required,
  • Location-specific travel advice,
  • Specific recommendations relating to the resort and area,
  • A general itinerary for your stay,
  • Dining recommendations,
  • Location attractions recommendations,
  • A detailed printed itinerary for your vacation.

Other Services

i. Airline Research and Reservation Booking

If you are looking for assistance with flights only (no other vacation planning) and would like me to assist with the research, comparison and booking of flights for you, this fee will be charged per traveler at the time of booking the flights (fee is for a round-trip fare):

  • CAD$50.00 (+ applicable taxes) per traveler (Canadian residents) or
  • US$45.00 per traveler (US residents)

Contact Me for More Information

I make it a priority to spend the time required to ensure that I prepare a thoughtful and comprehensive vacation plan for you and your family.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions relating to the services that I provide or the related fee schedule. I will be happy to answer any inquiries that you may have.

Mike Belobradic: The Finer Side of Disney Travel
Luxury Travel Advisor and Deluxe Disney Travel Specialist

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