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Every Business Has a Story to Tell

Telling a story is at the heart of all my strategies for marketing communications. I firmly believe in the fine art of storytelling to engage customers and clients in a meaningful way. Consumers are smart and no one wants to be “sold” on anything. If your marketing is too shallow or contains poorly-veiled sales messages — especially on social media and other digital — you will likely do more harm than good to your brand. It can be hard to recover from some mistakes in this area.

To start off on the right foot and keep yourself on track, it all begins with your brand voice and having a keen awareness of who you are and what you offer. Developing brand awareness and having some sense of brand governance and your unique value proposition are critical first steps. Your brand promise will become an important guiding force in your marketing and communications.

One of my strengths is helping businesses and sales professionals uncover their unique value proposition and then helping them to manifest that in a brand promise and brand strategy.

Social Media, Digital Strategy and Traditional Marketing: Getting it Right

I firmly believe that digital strategies and social media are critical components of virtually any good marketing plan. I work with clients and businesses to created integrated marketing strategies designed to meet pre-defined business objectives, with measurable results and analytics. One of the greatest things about digital strategies and social media is that there is an abundance of analytics and data. Not only is the information instantaneous, but careful monitoring and analysis can help us to tweak and reassess campaigns and strategies in real-time. Given that customers expect quick responses in the digital domain, smart businesses can get an edge on the competition by being well prepared in advance to analyze, act and engage.

Words Tell. Stories Sell.

Words tell, but it’s stories that sell and this has never been more true than it is when conveying your brand voice and brand promise through social media and other digital means. Too many businesses get involved with social media without any plan whatsoever. We’ve all seen the output of that approach: you visit some business’ social media presence and the posts are months or years out of date. They have been abandoned, probably because they were never part of a proactive strategy in the first place. In my opinion, having an outdated or obviously ignored presence on social media is worse than not having any presence at all.

As an expert marketer and storyteller my unique value proposition for you is based around the The Story of Your Business and the fact that Every Business Has A Story to tell. My unique background is critical to fueling the magic of storytelling for you and your business.

As a writer, author and former advertising and marketing executive, my background as a strategic storyteller sets me apart. I am skilled at learning what is important to clients and customers in your field of business and then crafting a compelling story about your business with the objective of engaging and endearing your customers and prospects. A well crafted and well-told story can tip the scales in your favour, but the story of your business needs to be based on your brand values and brand promise. The story of your business cannot be a complete fairy tale or fabrication.

There’s More to the Story

My philososphy on how to create effective marketing for any business comes down to this:

  1. Know your business and your product/service;
  2. Know your customers/clients;
  3. Know your competitors;
  4. Know your unique value proposition and why someone should choose you.

It’s critical that any senior marketer should be able to check off each of these boxes with complete authority. Too many businesses try to run marketing campaigns when they really don’t know who they are — or at least they haven’t invested the time required to uncover this important piece of information.

As a marketing professional who has managed major campaigns and accounts pre- and post-digital, I bring a complete perspective and a high level of experience that can make the difference between success and failure in a marketing strategy. I have seen many businesses lose their way among the overwhelming amount of seemingly hot new marketing vehicles (usually in the digital realm). Chasing the shiny objects is usually a recipe for failure. Without a core strategy in place and first-hand experience about the optimal approach for a given business (and the pitfalls to avoid), you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. Focus and a clearly defined set of objectives are key.

Every Business Has a Story to Tell.

Mike Belobradic
Marketing, Digital Strategy & Social Media Advisor



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