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Mike Belobradic: My Travel Resume

How Travel Became a Big Part of My Life

Mike Belobradic

Travel has always been an important part of my life.

I can thank my father for that. He loved to travel and he loved to experience new places. So for most of my younger years, my entire family was on the road for months on end each summer, criss-crossing North America with my Dad at the wheel.

It was a great way to see the entire continent and it’s why I have visited all 10 Canadian Provinces, 49 of 50 States and much of Mexico.

Once Walt Disney World opened in October 1971, three of those weeks each year became dedicated to staying at Walt Disney World Resort. This became another big influence in my life, as my father’s appreciation for Walt Disney and his approach to guest service clearly rubbed off on me.

So the travel bug was in my blood from the very beginning and so was the Disney travel bug as well.

An Appreciation for Luxury Travel

As I grew older, I continued to travel and somewhere along the line I kept upscaling my vacation style. I grew to appreciate the finer resorts and accommodations.

My travel expanded to include several Caribbean islands and most of Europe (I lived in Nice, France for just over a year at one point, and it was during that time that I traveled throughout pretty much all of Europe and the UK).

Today, I continue to enjoy luxury travel resorts and destinations.  Not surprisingly, my appreciation for Disney travel has continued in the form of multiple annual trips to Walt Disney World each year. I also take additional regular trips to other Disney destinations, including Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida, Disneyland in California and Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii (among others).

It should come as no surprise, then, that with all of this travel experience, I eventually turned that into helping others with their travel plans in the form of becoming a licensed Travel Advisor. My focus is on Deluxe Disney travel, which I know extremely well, but I also assist with luxury travel on a global basis.

I am also a travel author. As an English grad out of University, I enjoy writing. My first published travel article was a piece that I did upon returning from my year living in France. It was an article about how to live and work in Europe as a Canadian. Nowadays I blog regularly about Deluxe Disney vacations and I wrote a book entitle The Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort, which is available on Amazon and other online outlets (see below).

My Formal Background and Experience

I began my career as an advertising copywriter, eventually earning the position of Creative Director at the ad agency where I worked. Wanting to be closer to the business side of things, my career then moved to positions in several related areas: promotions, event management, public affairs, media relations, communications, sales, marketing, product management, digital strategy, Wealth Management, business strategy and digital strategy.

First and foremost, I am a Marketing, Digital Strategy and Social Media Advisor. In practical terms, this has extended into Client Experience Strategy and working within the High Net Worth and Luxury space. This all comes together as a Luxury Travel Advisor, where I leverage all of my skills in an effort to deliver an exceptional client experience in building upscale vacation experiences for my clients.

Most people I know through business tend to be familiar with my formal resume. For a quick view of my formal background and experience, please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort

The Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort is now in its Third Edition for 2016.

Canadian Travel Advisor, Deluxe Disney Specialist and Author

Disney travel has been an intrinsic part of my life since my first trip to Disneyland Resort in California at age four (many years before Walt Disney World Resort existed). Walt Disney World opened in 1971 and since that time I have visited WDW 93 times and counting. I am looking forward to visit number 100, which I anticipate will happen sometime in 2018.

To share my knowledge about visiting Disney Parks and Resorts and to help others with their Disney travel planning, I earned my TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) Travel Advisor license and founded 1923 Main Street, which is currently my ecommerce shop for licensed merchandise. I am also author of the book The Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort.

All of my Disney travel-related businesses relied heavily on my work in digital strategy, communications and social media to generate leads and assist others with their Disney travel planning.

Much of my blogging and social media activity nowadays revolves around Deluxe Disney travel and related topics. As I approach 100 weeks of vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort, I don’t expect that this will change in the years ahead.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell.

Mike Belobradic
Canadian Travel Advisor – Deluxe Disney Travel Specialist

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