Planning a Walt Disney World Deluxe Vacation? Five Reasons to Book with Me

5 Reasons to Book Your Disney Vacation with Me

Planning a Deluxe Vacation to Walt Disney World?
Here are Five Convincing Reasons to Book with Me

1. Customized Itinerary.

A customized Walt Disney World itinerary is the single most important part of your Walt Disney World vacation plan. The key word being customized Back in the early days of Walt Disney World we didn’t really need itineraries. Things were much simpler then and while there were still lines for popular attractions, the seasoned veterans learned how to work around them. Even now — over 45 years later — many of those same strategies still work in the parks today.

Nowadays, Walt Disney World is a much bigger and more complex place. There is so much to see and do that it really pays to have a customized itinerary for your vacation. With over four decades of Walt Disney World travel experience, I ensure that every family has a customized itinerary that reflects their unique Disney dreams and wishes.

To do this, I developed my own unique Discovery Process that I follow with my clients (it’s painless, I promise). This will set the stage for planning your Disney vacation itinerary and it’s a process you won’t get anywhere else.

2. I know the things that you don’t know (but need to know).

With over four decades of multiple annual Walt Disney World vacations, I know the ins and outs of Walt Disney World like few others. As a Canadian Luxury Travel Agent who specializes in Deluxe Disney Vacations I know the things that you don’t know, but that you really need to know. These are the planning points that you need to consider in order to have a fun and rewarding Walt Disney World vacation.

I will get to know you and your family and ensure that you are equipped with the very best in Walt Disney World travel information and advice from a long-time luxury Disney travel veteran.

Chip and Dale Campfire Show Fort Wilderness

Fun free activities, such as the Chip and Dale Campfire Show at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, are great additions to any Walt Disney World itinerary. Activities like these go beyond the obvious and I make sure that your itinerary will have a few special nuggets included.

3. Beyond the obvious.

When you work with me to plan your Luxury Disney Vacation, you will find that I look beyond the obvious to ensure that you have a memorable and magical stay at Walt Disney World Resort. My goal is develop a plan tailored just for you that is filled with highlights that will surprise and delight (and hopefully a nugget or two that will leave your friends in awe when you get home and recount your tales of adventure). Your friends may be left wondering why they didn’t know about certain things and why they weren’t told by their travel agent.

Theme Parks aren’t your thing? No problem. There is much more to Walt Disney World than theme parks and I make it a point to look beyond the obvious to ensure that you are aware of the multitude of magical Disney experiences that could become part of your next Disney vacation.

Bay Cove Pool at Disney's Bay Lake Tower

It’s important to ensure that your Walt Disney World itinerary allows for a little fun and relaxation.

4. Peace of mind.

When you book with me you will have the peace of mind of knowing that I have your best interests at heart and that I am planning your vacation based on decades of first-hand experience. I always aim to deliver the optimal blend of park time and non-park time so that you can enjoy the full breadth of what Walt Disney World Resort has to offer without draining yourself in the process. You cannot see the entirety of Walt Disney World in one week. So free your mind of that stress and allow me to bring peace of mind through planning a vacation that will deliver just the right amount of Disney magic and pixie dust.

The peace of mind you will have in knowing that you are being advised by someone with long-term Disney travel experience will go a long way towards reducing any stress that you may be feeling.

5. Same zero cost to you. Better value.

As a Travel Agent, my compensation is paid by the destination, not by you. So you should never have to pay any additional service fees to any agent when booking your Walt Disney World vacation. However, just because something is cost-free, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care in choosing the best agent for your family. There can be a cost to poor planning and it comes in the form of onsite headaches and frustrations resulting from the plans of an inexperienced travel agent.

So even while all things may appear to be created equal, you will get better value and advice when booking with someone who has decades of first-hand experience upon which to draw. There is no substitute for experience.

Mike Belobradic, Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Mike Belobradic, Travel Agent, Deluxe Disney Travel Specialist.

Are You Searching for an Experienced Luxury Disney Vacation Specialist?

I specialize exclusively in Deluxe Disney vacations. If you are considering a Walt Disney World Luxury Vacation and would like assistance with your options and itinerary, please feel free to contact me.

My services are complimentary and include recommendations on Disney Deluxe Resort hotel accommodations, Disney dining, special events and activities, and your Walt Disney World itinerary, to name just a few. With nearly 50 years of Deluxe Disney travel experience, it would be my pleasure to assist you.

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