10 Things the Disney Traveler Can Do During Self-Isolation Time at Home

10 Disney Things to Do During Self Isolation Coronavirus

Disney-Inspired Activities that You Can Do at Home While Social Distancing

Wondering what to do during self-isolation at home? Here are 10 great ideas for family activities at home

There’s No Need for Any Disney Fan to Be Bored at Home During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Whether you had to give up your dream of a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation, or whether you just want to add a little Disney Magic to your life during this period of social distancing, there a lot of fun things that you can do with all of this extra time.

Make a Disney music playlist.

Make a Disney music playlist.

1. Make a Disney-Themed Playlist

Music is an important part of any Disney vacation, so why not bring the Disney music experience to your own home. There are plenty of Disney playlists on Spotify and other music services, but it’s more fun to customize and make a Disney music playlist that has specific meaning to you. For example, a few years ago after we opened Disney Resort North in our own backyard, we created a Disney Pool Party Playlist on Spotify. This playlist contains all of the popular songs that they tend to play at the pool parties at Disney Resort hotels. So now, we get that Disney pool party feeling around our own pool with the Disney Pool Party Playlist. Create your own Disney playlist and get everyone involved in picking what songs will be on yours.

Disney Cookbooks

Time to break out the Disney cookbooks.

2. Make a Disney Recipe

If you have one of the many excellent Disney cookbooks at home, now is the perfect time to make a Disney dining dish from a recipe in the cookbook. There are appetizers, desserts, main courses, drinks and cocktails, baked goods and more. So find one that you and your family will enjoy! If you don’t have a Disney cookbook at home, a quick Google search will turn up a ton of great Disney recipes, so there’s no excuse for not doing this one.

Disney Monopoly

Who’s up for a game of Disney Parks Monopoly?

3. Play a Disney Board Game

If you have any Disney board games at home, now is the perfect time to break them out and play a little family Disney game. We have the Disney Monopoly with the large castle in the middle, that will likely be seeing a lot of game play.

Disney Plus: Stargirl

Time to binge some Disney Plus.

4. Watch Disney Movies on Disney+ with Popcorn

Of course, one of the easiest things to do is to switch on Disney+ and enjoy a classic Disney movie, just like they do all Disney Resort hotels at night. For an extra bit of Disney magic, pop some fresh popcorn and pretend you’re at Walt Disney World enjoying popcorn and a movie before bed. If you don’t get subscribe to Disney Plus, you likely have some Disney DVDs or BluRays at home, so choose your movies and let the show begin.

Hidden Mickey Craft

One of the many Hidden Mickey crafts in our backyard.

5. Get Crafty and Make Some Disney Magic at Home

What Disney fan doesn’t want to add a little bit of Disney Magic around their household. Get crafty and create some unique items that you can display in your home or in your garden or backyard space. Maybe make some Hidden Mickeys, Disney-inspired signs or other fun items! Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this one. When we rebuilt our backyard space into Disney Resort North, we went to town on creating fun, uniques and subtle Disney themed touches, all of which have special meaning to us from Disney Parks vacations. So put your thinking ears on and get creative. This one can be super fun for families of any size.

The southern shore of Walt Disney World's Shipwreck Island.

The southern shore of Walt Disney World’s Shipwreck Island.

6. Relive Past Disney Vacations and Make a Musical Montage

Disney travelers will probably have thousands of digital photos that they’ve barely ever looked at. Have some fun by projecting these onto the big screen and taking a virtual memory tour of past Disney vacations. For extra fun, pick your favorite photos and make a musical montage for yourself or to share with others on social media. The parks won’t be closed forever, so this is a great way to keep the magic alive and carry you through until it’s time to plan your next Disney vacation.

Walt Disney Bio, Neal Gabler.

Walt Disney Bio, Neal Gabler.

7. Read a Disney Book

You’re probably going to have a lot of spare time on your hands, so why not pick your favorite Disney book off the shelf and indulge yourself in a little Disney history. If Amazon is still delivering, place an order for one or two top picks that you’ve been wanting to read and let the magic live through the printed word. One of my personal favorites is the Gabler biography of Walt Disney, but there are so many great options from which to choose: fact or fiction.

Walt Disney World App.

8. Download a Disney App or Two

There is no shortage of official and unofficial Disney-themed apps in the app stores. Download a few that you’ve been wanting to try and spend some time gaming, learning, planning or creating on your own digital device.

Contemporary art: Mickey Mouse.

Contemporary art: Mickey Mouse.

9. Start Planning Your Next Disney Vacation!

Planning a Disney vacation is often stressful because your up against timelines (actual or self-imposed). So why not take advantage of this down time and spend some time searching online, reading up, making lists of the things you and your family want to do and so on. Create a rough Disney vacation itinerary covering which parks on which days, your most important FastPass attractions, restaurants that top your list and so on. Read some reviews and reach out to fellow Disney fans on social media for their opinions (you know we all love to share them, lol). When the time comes to book your next Disney vacation, you’ll be way ahead of the game and enjoy a (relatively) stress-free Disney vacation planning experience!

Minnie Mouse Lunar New Year headband.

Minnie Mouse Lunar New Year headband. (Photo Disney)

10. Put on Your Mouse Ears and T-Shirt

And when all else fails, put on your favorite Mickey ears and t-shirt and live a little Disney magic around your home or neighbourhood. Go for a walk and share a little Disney magic!

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