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Belobradic Travel Trends: Disney Travel Research

Join Our Disney Travel Research Panel and Share Your Views

Are you a regular Disney traveler who is interested in taking part in independent Disney travel surveys?

Join the Belobradic Travel Trends (BTT) Disney travel research panel to be alerted about new surveys with opportunities for you to participate. Share your thoughts and views and get a chance to win great prizes each time you take part in a survey. As a thank you for taking part and to reward survey participants, we hold random draws from all who completed a survey. There will always be at least one prize pack to be awarded (and sometimes more) to at least one lucky survey participant.

Who Qualifies as a Panelist?

To ensure that we gain valuable insights into the world of Disney travel, we’re looking for Disney travelers who are as passionate about their Disney vacations as we are.

We’re looking for dedicated Disney travelers, those who take a Disney vacation at least once every three to five years. In fact, the more frequency, the better. Over time, we hope to build a community of Disney advisors who will provide valuable input that will become a barometer for the Disney travel industry. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground level and let your voice be heard.

The Pulse of the Disney Traveler

Join the Disney Travel Survey PanelWant to know if your views on the world of Disney travel are in line with those of your fellow Disney travelers? Join our Disney Travel Research Panel and find out.

Over time, we’ll be working to enhance the panel community as it grows. While we know that our fellow Disney travelers are as passionate about the subject as we are, we also know that it’s nice to have the chance to get a little something special for your efforts. So to begin with, we’ll be running random draws after each survey to reward one or more lucky participants with some valuable prizes. Plus, we have some other plans in the works as well as the panel grows, so stay tuned for additional magic after you come on board.

We truly value your input and thank you for your participation.

Your Privacy is Taken Very Seriously

At BTT, we place the utmost trust and confidence in our panelists and we do not share your information with anyone. Period. In addition, survey results are presented as a composite view, meaning that your responses will never stand alone or be attributed to you in any way.

Solid Research Methodology

When performing our surveys, we ensure that our methods and reports are gained from statistically significant sample sizes and that bias does not enter into the equation. How do your thoughts and views compare with those of other Disney travellers? Take part in our panel and see where you stack up against the overall results from other participants.

About Belobradic Travel Trends

As a career marketer, a social media expert and a digital strategy executive — along with nearly 50 years of annual Disney travel experience — I have always been fascinated by the business side of Disney travel.

Over the years, I have been active as an expert in many areas of Disney travel, primarily in luxury Disney travel. I have worked within the travel industry as a Luxury Disney Travel Advisor, written a guide book on luxury Disney travel (The Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort) and founded the Luxury Disney Travel Blog, where I write regularly about topics of interest to anyone who enjoys the finer side of Disney travel. I am also a media source for media outlets looking for expert input and commentary from an independent source in the field of Disney travel. I do not represent the views of any outside organizations (including travel agencies) and therefore present unbiased views not tied to the sale of Disney travel or any other related interests.

Seeing that there was a lack of qualitative and quantitative research in the field of Disney travel, forming this research and analytics business was a natural extension of my work.

Belobradic Travel Trends provides an independent view into the pulse of travelers who enjoy visiting Disney destinations.

The output of this research will be of interest to:

  • Travel Agents and anyone who works within the travel industry,
  • the travel media,
  • family travel enthusiasts,
  • Disney travelers and
  • anyone looking for insights into the current state of Disney travel.

Independent and Unbiased Disney Travel Research and Analytics

As a Disney travel researcher, I run independent research, surveys and panels within the Disney travel community. My business is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any other organizations. Surveys, studies and findings provide a view into what the Disney traveler is thinking on a wide range of travel-related topics.

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