A Luxe Disney Beach Resort in Florida: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Spa

Disney's Coolest Family Resort in Florida

Disney’s Coolest Little Hotel Has Nothing To Do With Disney Theme Parks

A Luxe Disney Beach Resort in Florida: Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Spa

Not far from the bright lights, colourful characters and magical mayhem of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, there’s another Disney destination that’s pretty much the coolest little hotel in the entire Disney Resorts portfolio.

“Little” here is actually a bit of a misnomer, because in reality Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Spa is a spacious and sprawling resort hotel that’s ideally situated on the sandy shores of Disney’s Treasure Coast (that’s on the Atlantic side of the state for those unfamiliar with Florida geography).

Beach Entry Boardwalk at Disney's Vero Resort.

Beach Entry Boardwalk at Disney’s Vero Resort.

I’m always a bit surprised about how few people know about this inviting little gem. We’ve been visiting Disney’s Vero Beach Resort every summer for about 10 years now and if you love Disney and you love beach vacations, then there’s no better place that you can be (on the mainland at least). Best of all, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is close enough to Walt Disney World that you can put together a perfect Disney double shot of Walt Disney World + Disney Vero Beach Resort, if you want the best of both worlds. But whether you do it on its own, or as part of a bigger Disney Florida vacation, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is sure to be a highlight of your summer vacation.

Disney Magic in Just the Right Amount

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort walks that fine line between the experience of Disney Magic while still providing a relaxing beach front atmosphere. When you’re on a beach vacation, you don’t want to be in a fast-paced environment where you feel pressured to get up early and get to a park, or that you have to hurry up to get in line somewhere. There’s none of that here. In fact the only reason that you may want to get up early at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is to catch the spectacular sunrise over the Atlantic from the beach, or to be among the first to discover the sea turtle nesting activity from the night before (without touching or disturbing the nests, of course).

Florida Sunrise at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Sunrise over the Atlantic is a daily ritual at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Keeping a Hidden Gem Hidden

In some ways I hesitate even to write about Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Part of its charm is that it is relatively unknown in many circles. The resort occupies a stellar stretch of Florida coastline, just a few miles north of the main beach in Vero Beach, Florida. The beach here is sandy and inviting. Even though it’s been pummelled by its share of Florida hurricanes and tropical weather, the resort does an admirable job of maintaining this treasured stretch of sand, which is home to multiple varieties of sea turtles that nest here. Disney Cast Members work diligently to protect and nurture the sea turtle life here and this conservation activity has become a big part of the resort’s DNA. The other major theme here is pirates. With its location on Florida’s shimmering Treasure Coast, the pirate theme was just a natural fit. Again, nothing is overbearing or in your face. It’s very subtle, calming and elegantly weaved into the very fabric of this seaside resort property.

Poolside at Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

Poolside at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

While you can let the days pass here without a care in the world, the surrounding area also offers an abundance of intriguing, exciting and unusual places worth discovering. From food, to airboat adventures, surfing lessons and more, there is a lot to do here for those who want to get out and have some fun or explore new surroundings. A car is a must have if you’re staying here. Part of the charm of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is its location away from the busiest parts of Vero Beach and Sebastien. While there is basically one place that you can walk to from the resort (Orchid Island Pizza, which is worth the walk in my opinion), most dining, attractions, shopping and other activities will require a car.

Morning Sun on Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

Morning sun casts its glow on Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

How to Get to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

To get to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, we typically fly to Orlando and rent a car at the airport. It’s an easy 90-minute drive to get to the resort and having a car to explore the surrounding area is a big bonus.

So the next time you’re considering a Florida beach vacation, don’t forget to consider Disney’s hidden gem on the Treasure Coast. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by what you discover here.

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