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The following quoted text is my official bio write-up, written in third person.

“Mike Belobradic is a leading Luxury Disney Travel Blogger, Author and Luxury Disney travel expert. He is also Founder of Belobradic Travel Trends, a market research firm that focuses on travel industry market research.

With over four decades of luxury Disney travel experience, Mike is well positioned to inform, educate and inspire upscale travelers everywhere on Luxury Disney Travel and The Finer Side of Travel™ at related destinations around the globe.

Mike’s unique area of specialty is luxury Disney travel. Over the past nearly 50 years he has taken approaching 100 trips to Walt Disney World from his home in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, along with ongoing regular visits to other luxury Disney Resorts in Florida, California, Hawaii, Paris and beyond.

Although luxury Disney travel is Mike’s true passion, his luxury travel experience extends well beyond Disney destinations. Mike is well travelled, having visited 49 of 50 U.S. States, all Canadian Provinces, much of Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii. Mike also lived in Nice, France for over a year, during which time he traveled extensively throughout Europe, staying at luxury properties in nearly all European countries.

Before entering the field of luxury travel as both a Luxury Travel Advisor and now as a Luxury Travel Blogger, Mike was a successful marketing, digital strategy and social media executive and also a High Net Worth Wealth Management executive. Mike leverages both his marketing and digital experience — and his success in working with High Net Worth clientele — in his luxury travel business activities. Mike understands the luxury travel market and the needs of luxury travelers extremely well. As a lifelong luxury traveler himself, this includes personal insights and experience that bring an added level of engagement to his travel writing.

Mike Belobradic at Hotel del Coronado

Mike Belobradic and family at the Hotel del Coronado in 2013.

As a travel author, Mike published his first article in Transitions Abroad Magazine in 1988, after living in Nice, France for over a year. Since then he has continued to write and blog profusely with a focus on luxury Disney travel and related luxury travel destinations. He is the creator of The Finer Side of Travel™ website, which includes his popular Luxury Disney Travel Blog. He is also author of the luxury Disney travel guide: The Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort.

Mike is also a formally-trained Chef and graduate of culinary school. He uses this knowledge in his blog and other appearances when talking or writing about Disney dining experiences, including his restaurant reviews and recommendations.l

Mike was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and currently lives with his wife and daughter in Oakville, Ontario. Mike has also lived for periods of time in Nice, France; London, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and Vancouver, B.C., as well as spending a significant amount of time working in Chicago, Illinois.

You can learn more about Mike’s travel background and experience on his travel resume page.”

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in 1979

Space Mountain and the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in 1979. I took this photo on my trusty 1970s 110 camera (as you can tell from the image quality).

My Disney Side by Mike Belobradic

Disney travel has always been a big part of my life.

It all started at a very early age when my father (the original Disney traveler in our family) first took our family to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California in the summer of 1966. As a four-year-old boy, standing before the gates of “the happiest place on earth” is one of my earliest childhood memories. That was my first experience with Disney magic and the Pixie Dust really stuck with me. So, once Walt Disney World opened in 1971 — and was much closer to home (on a relative basis at least) — things really began to ramp up for the Belobradic family when it came to Disney vacations.

You can also read more in this recent story published in the Oakville Beaver.

Mike Belobradic, 100th Visit to Walt Disney World

The Oakville Beaver ran a feature on my history with Walt Disney World travel spanning nearly 50 years as I approach my 100th visit to Walt Disney World Resort.

Visit my Disney Travel page to follow the rest of the Belobradic Disney story. I also wrote a LinkedIn post on the impact that a lifetime of Disney vacations has had on my business life and a retrospective blog post on my first 47 years of Walt Disney World travel.

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Disney Cast Member Badge, 1923 Main StreetCurrently, I spend my time as a Luxury Disney Travel Blogger and media personality specializing in Luxury Disney vacations.

This is a brief overview of my lifetime of travel experience. For inquiries, interviews or business proposals, please feel free to contact me. I am unaffiliated with any third-party agencies or firms.

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