Burton Genesis EST Bindings: Mini Review

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Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings review

A Post-Season Review of the Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings

I have been riding with Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings for a couple of seasons now. I have had five pairs of these bindings over the past two winters (2015 and 2016) on five different Burton snowboards. While I like the bindings, there are a couple of things that I think could be improved to make them even better.

Here is my mini review of the 2016 model Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings.

It’s All About Comfort

For me, comfort is the main reason I ride with these bindings. When ratcheted down, there are no major pressure points for me, making it a very enjoyable ride. I also like the highback adjustment and the comfort in the highback is also great. There is no pressure when I adjust the forward lean for my preferred riding style and the response is very good.

However, these bindings are not perfect in my experience and there are a couple of areas where I think the bindings could use some attention. I should note that both of the issues that I encountered happened with the 2016 model of Burton Genesis EST bindings and were not an issue the previous season. So the changes made by Burton for the most recent model were for the worse in my experience.

Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings

Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings in black.

Issues with the Burton Genesis EST Bindings

Contrary to what some other reviewers have said, I found these new toe straps to be big, bulky and cumbersome. They did not sit well on my (non-Burton) boots and were generally a bit of a pain to fit in place. So that is one area where I think there could be some improvement. While I didn’t like the toe straps, this was not a showstopper.

The other issue that I had with these bindings was more bothersome and annoying.

The straps — especially the ankle strap — did not fit well into the buckle area of the bindings. This made strapping in a major pain for me and there were times I wanted to throw these bindings off the mountain. It was a regular occurrence for me to have to make five or six attempts to get the strap to go into the buckle properly so that it could ratchet down.

Strapping In to a Snowboard Binding Should be a Simple Procedure

What happened all season long with my Genesis EST bindings is that the leading edge/tip of the ankle strap got wedged (and jammed) into a space above the tunnel where it should be entering smoothly into the buckle area. It would help if the designers made some sort of channel entrance so that no matter how a snowboarder pushes the strap into the buckle area, it would glide smoothly into the ratchet with no risk of getting jammed up in the mechanism. Picture a smooth-edged funnel. Ultimately, I would have to take off my mitts and bend the strap so that it was at a very precise angle in order to fit easily into the ratchet area.

Putting on your bindings should not require a surgeon’s precision, so this flaw in the design was a big issue for me. If I decide to skip Genesis bindings this coming season, it will be because of this issue with the strap and buckle system that I encountered all year long.

Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings

Burton Genesis EST snowboard bindings in Darkwood.

The Verdict

Overall, the Burton Genesis EST binding is a good model as far as comfort is concerned. I also really liked the Darkwood design option (although it scratches off pretty easily, making the bindings look a little more battered than they really are). I do feel, however, that some minor adjustments are required in order to make these bindings functionally superior. While there were only a couple of issues, they were big enough — especially the problems with strapping in — that it made these bindings a bit of an annoyance to ride at certain times.

For the upcoming season I look forward to testing out the latest model of Burton Genesis EST bindings to see if the issues have been addressed. If they have, then these bindings will likely be at the top of my list for comfort and rideability.

Mike Belobradic
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