Fun at Home with the Burton Throwback Snowboard

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Burton Throwback Snowboards

The Burton Throwback snowboards come in two sizes: 100cm and 130 cm.

The Burton Throwback Snowboard Can Make Riding on any Little Hill a Lot of Fun

If you are ever itching to get the feel of riding your snowboard close to home at a local park, but don’t want to pull out your actual snowboard, the Burton Throwback may be just the thing for you.

This year I picked up two of these decks (one for me and one for my daughter, Amelia) so that we could have some fun riding right in our own front yard. Let me tell you that these little beauties do not disappoint.

Amelia Belobradic with the Burton Throwback 100cm

Daughter Amelia with the Burton Throwback 100 cm. This board has been great for her to keep up her balance training at home during the week.

Burton released the Throwback boards to pay homage to their roots and the 1981 Burton Backhill board in particular. The Throwback boards are a pretty good reproduction of those classic early decks and they sure are a ton of fun to ride even on the smallest piles of snow (which is exactly what I did on our front lawn).

The Throwback boards come in two sizes: 100 cm and 130 cm. My daughter is currently seven and the 100 cm model is ideal for her. The boards are directional fishtail decks with a pretty decent rocker to them. They are 5-ply woodcore (a little thinner that a typical skateboard deck) and they feature a very fast extruded base (be careful not to scratch it). They don’t need wax and they fly pretty quickly right out of the gate.

Amelia on the front lawn with a Burton Throwback snowboard

It doesn’t take a lot of snow to have fun with these boards. A four-foot pile of snow on the front lawn has led to hours of fun with the Throwbacks.

One word of caution. Unlike real snowboards, these decks do not have metal edges, meaning they do not turn as quickly as an actual snowboard. I would not take this to a large tobogganing hill that has been packed down already because you will not be able to turn and might get hurt (or hurt someone else). I found that a fresh dump of snow of at least 5 cm is what it takes to be able to turn on these boards the way you would with a real snowboard. On smaller hills where you won’t get too much speed, it’s not a big problem. But please keep that in mind and exercise caution for yourself and any little ones.

Burton Throwback base

The base of the Burton Throwback snowboard is fairly plain, but it’s surprisingly fast.

The only issue I found with these boards is that the rubber construction of the pads is pretty sketchy (they peel and tear a little too easily) and the rope on the smaller board is too short proportionately versus the bigger deck. My seven-year-old could not even hold on to the rope because it was too short for her. One quick trip to Home Depot saved the day as you can buy the exact same rope for a few dollars and cut it to the precise size that you need. So problem solved pretty quickly.

Burton Throwback Snowboard

The Throwback was modeled after the 1981 Burton Backhill board.

Here in Ontario these boards sell for $149.99 each and can be found at specialty boardshops. They can also be ordered online directly from Burton for the same price. The boards are so nice that I could actually see someone mounting this on the wall of their chalet as a piece of art, like they might do with snowshoes.

All in all I am happy with these decks and they should prove to be a lot of fun for years to come (although I’ll probably have to buy the bigger size for Amelia, possibly as early as next season.). If you have been wondering about the Burton Throwback Snowboards, I highly recommend them for a fun ride on local hills.

Mike Belobradic