Castle Club Review: Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris

Castle Club Review, Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris

Castle Club Review: Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris

The Castle Club at the Disneyland Hotel is the place to stay if you are looking for upscale accommodations at Disneyland Paris

Like most of Disney’s Club Level accommodations, the Castle Club offers guests several premium features within a unique and exclusive section of the hotel.

Upon arriving at the Disneyland Hotel, you will be greeted and acknowledged as a Castle Club guest. The first perk you receive is avoiding the main lobby check-in area. Instead, as per most other Disney Club Level accommodations, you will be escorted to the private check in area within the Castle Club area itself. Similar to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World, the Castle Club is accessed by a private keyed elevator.

Castle Club Disney characters, Disneyland Paris

The Disney characters in the Castle Club Lounge every morning is one of the best perks that I have seen at any Disney Club Level Lounge anywhere.

When you exit the elevator on the third floor check-in area, there are two desks where Club Level Cast Members greet you and check you in. For my most recent stay, I had requested a quiet room away from the potential noise of the kitchen area, which I had read about as being an issue for some Castle Club rooms. Fortunately, this request was granted and we received a nice room at the end of a hallway. While the view was nothing special, the room was quiet and peaceful, which is exactly what I wanted.

Castle Club Room, Disneyland Paris

A standard room in the Castle Club at Disneyland Paris.

Speaking of the room, the table of welcome goodies here far surpassed anything that I have ever received at any other Club Level accommodation. Awaiting us in our room to welcome us to the hotel was a festive collection of Disneyland Paris gifts. Gifts included an exclusive Castle Club pin (Disney pin collectors will love this), two Disneyland Paris ball caps, a Disneyland Paris mug, chocolates and a bottle of champagne on ice (a very nice bottle, by the way), which I believe was a bonus since we arrived on my wife’s birthday.

This made an immediate positive impression.

Castle Club Welcome Gifts, Disneyland Paris.

An impressive arrangement of welcome gifts awaited us in our Castle Club room at the Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris.

The room itself was quite nice and adorned similar to most Deluxe Disney Club Level rooms. However, the decor had a distinct French twist and we found everything to be clean, tidy and well appointed. A good start.

Located not too far from our room was the Club Level Lounge. This is always a big draw for any of Disney’s Club Level accommodations as it is a very tangible perk. The Club Level Lounge here had some pluses and minuses as compared to Club Level Lounges at Walt Disney World. On the plus side, the breakfast spread here is very impressive. Not only that, every breakfast includes a visit from Disney characters. This is something that does not happen at Walt Disney World (at least not that I have ever seen) and this is a major benefit.

Every single morning of our stay we got to start the day with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Minnie and Pluto. You get a lot of quality time and the characters are not rushed by any means. The breakfast is a self serve area and your hosts will bring you any drinks that you desire.

The Club Level Lounge overlooks the front entrance of Disneyland Park and at night it becomes a good spot to watch the Castle show with an unobstructed view. We only watched the show once from here, but when we did it was not overly crowded and you get a pretty good view (basically you are watching from the beginning of Main Street U.S.A.).

Castle Club floor Disneyland Hotel

Inside the Castle Club at the Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Paris.

The negative of the Castle Club Lounge compared to those at Walt Disney World is that there is only one other food offering in the day and that is afternoon tea. This has a very limited assortment of pastries and sweets and we did not take advantage of that very often. There is no dinner time offering and you definitely do not have access to self serve beer and wine as you do at other Club Level Lounges. However, there is a bar area that is open throughout the day so you can wander in and ask for a soft drink or coffee pretty much at any time.

The other major benefit of staying in the Castle Club is its unmatched access to the front gates of the park. The private elevator from the Castle Club takes you down to the entrance area of Disneyland Park and when the elevator doors open you are basically 50 feet from the turnstiles. This cannot be beat. Coming back from the park is equally fun because you simply insert your card to activate the private elevator and you will be carried right back to the Club Level floor in seconds. It’s all super convenient and it does make you feel the magic of staying in the Castle Club.

All in all I highly recommend the Castle Club for anyone who is used to staying in upscale accommodations on their Disney vacations.

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