Club Level Concierge Rooms at Walt Disney World Resort

Club Level Concierge Rooms at Walt Disney World

Are Disney’s Club Level Concierge Rooms Worth the Extra Cost?

Whether or not to stay in Club Level Concierge rooms is very much an individual decision.

First of all, these rooms are more expensive than Standard rooms at the same resort—no question about that. With Club Level rooms you do get a few little perks and extras that other guests do not receive. You will also find that very often Club Level Concierge rooms are located in a “preferred” area of the hotel, or that they are situated with better or more pleasing views. So while each Walt Disney World Resort hotel’s Club Level rooms are slightly different in these regards, I will approach this from a very general perspective, as there are definite similarities and general rules that apply.

I have stayed in Club Level Concierge rooms at nearly all of the Disney Deluxe Resorts many times, so my comments and views are based on my first-hand experiences.

What Do You Get In a Walt Disney World Club Level Room?

What do you get in Club Level Concierge rooms that make it worth the extra cost? Good question. Some things in Club Level rooms are quantifiable in dollars and cents (like food) and some things are not (like concierge services). If you take a straight up approach and try to quantify the dollars and cents, then Club Level Concierge rooms are not worth the extra money you pay. The real “value” of these rooms is largely those hard to quantify extra touches and services that set Club Level Concierge rooms apart from a resort’s other rooms.

Disney's Grand Floridian Club Level Room Sign

At Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Club Level Rooms in the Main Building are accessed via a separate private elevator.

Exclusive Location and Extra Security

Club Level Concierge rooms are usually located in a separate area or building that requires keyed access to enter—this may be a door or an elevator that you activate with your room key/Magic Band. So Club Level rooms are separate and distinct from the main hotel rooms and this can potentially lower the general traffic in Club Level Concierge areas and make them less busy.

It also makes Club Level room areas more secure.

If you are worried about security (which really should not be a huge concern for you at Walt Disney World), then you may want to consider these rooms since they are definitely one level up on the security chain.

King Kamehameha Club Level Disney Polynesian

The lounge area at the King Kamehameha Club at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Lounge Area and Food Area

One of the nicer amenities of Club Level Concierge rooms is the lounge area with food service. As mentioned above, Club Level Concierge lounges are in a private area behind the special access doors.

There is comfortable seating, TV monitors and the ever popular amenity—the Club Level complimentary food area. The food area is a real saviour for times when you want to grab a quick bite, snack or drink. Food is changed five or six times a day (it differs slightly at some resorts), starting with a Continental-type breakfast service in the morning (cereal, bagels, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal etc.). Throughout the day, the food offerings rotate to snacks, fruit and then to light appetizer dishes at the dinner hour– complete with beer and wine (all complimentary). The dinner apps are quite good (tandoor chicken, salmon, beef, pork, etc. on a rotational basis) and can serve as a dinner substitute if you are in a rush to get somewhere or running late getting back to the hotel. You wouldn’t want to make this your dinner meal every day, but it’s great to have as your back-up plan. There is usually a selection of desserts and aperitif liqueurs at the end of the day (evening)—sometimes including delicious cupcakes for the little ones.

The Club Level Concierge food area is not a substitute for regular dining nor is it a substitute for a meal plan. However, if you are staying in Club Level you likely won’t want to purchase a Disney Dining Plan because Club Level snacks can be just the thing to fill that snack void that you would usually fill with Quick Service meal credits.

Turndown Service with Chocolates

Club Level Concierge rooms get turndown service with hotel chocolates. This is not a big deal for most, but it is a service offering that is a nice touch and a little extra beyond the regular rooms in the hotel. If you are accustomed to staying in luxury resort hotels, you will appreciate this little extra. Generally speaking, I have found the turndown service and Mousekeeping to be a step up in the Club Level Concierge areas—particularly at the Grand Floridian Resort’s Royal Palm Club. We have had several unprompted extra special experiences at this Resort and they really go a long way to adding a little extra pixie dust to your vacation.

Royal Palm Club, Lounge Area, Disney's Grand Floridian

A relaxing lounge area in the Royal Palm Club at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Concierge Access and Itinerary Planning

Another one of the real value-added services are the concierge and itinerary planning services that are set up for the exclusive use of Club Level Concierge guests. Both of these are something that I have used several times to help with some small (and occasionally big) requests. Another bonus is that you can use these services by phone or email as soon as you make your Club Level Concierge booking, so this helps to set up things in advance. While the Club Level service varies in quality at the different Disney Deluxe hotels, I have found that the Club Level Concierge Cast Members and Itinerary Planners are an excellent resource and have occasionally been able to secure us spots or reservations at places that were otherwise fully booked.

Private Check-In

If a long line at check-in is something you would like to avoid (these can especially occur if you arrive with a big group of guests from Disney’s Magical Express), then you will love this Club Level perk. While it doesn’t always work perfectly, most of the time you will be greeted at the front of the Resort (outside of the main entrance doors) and escorted by a Club Level Cast Member to the Club Level Concierge desk for check-in service. You will then be checked in to your room away from the sometimes very busy main lobby check-in areas. This is a nice touch and can help to kick-off your Disney vacation on a positive note.

Disney's Grand Floridian, Club Level Turret Room

A Turret Room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Club Level accommodations. © Disney.

Nicer Rooms

Generally speaking, the Club Level rooms are well appointed and given a little extra Pixie Dust versus rooms in the main portions of the resort. Plus, Club Level Concierge areas sometimes have special or unique room configurations, such as the turret rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Surprise Perks

Another nice touch that is sometimes found in Club Level are extra little perks during your stay. These can range from things like a Disney balloon arrangement left in your room, or special Disney chocolates or desserts delivered unexpectedly. It doesn’t happen all the time, but every now and then you may get a nice surprise as a Club Level guest. Plus, we find that the Cast Members who service the Club Level Concierge rooms are premier in their guest service approach, which is something you would hope to be the case.

Regatta Club, Club Level, Disney's Yacht Club

Club Level rooms in the Regatta Club at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort all come with balconies. This is not true for Club Level rooms at Disney’s Beach Club next door.

So, are Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort Club Level rooms worth it?

This is not an easy question to answer in any definitive way and it all comes down to what you value. How much would you value the little conveniences and extras that you may receive as a Club Level Concierge guest?

Do you feel a little extra special staying here? Definitely, yes. Is it worth the extra dollars for this feeling? Only you can answer that question for yourself. Obviously if you are looking for the best deal, or the best bang for the buck, then Club Level Concierge (or any Deluxe Disney accommodations) is not going to be a good fit for you. But if you are looking to be pampered a bit on a Disney vacation, or if you are looking for an added level of unique services during your stay, then Disney’s Club Level Concierge rooms may be something that you want to try.

This is about as close as it gets to a true luxury Disney vacation experience.

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