Club Villain, Walt Disney World: A Photo Review

Club Villain, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Unleash Your Inner Evil Villain at Club Villain, Walt Disney World

In March 2016 we attended a performance of Club Villain at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This relatively new dinner show is one of the best I have experienced at Walt Disney World in the 44 years (and counting) that I have been visiting this magical place.

Instead of a long and wordy review of Club Villain, I decided to post a selection of photos to give you a visual flavor of what you can expect to experience if you plan to visit Club Villain on an upcoming Walt Disney World vacation.

Note: the photos below are clickable for slightly larger versions.

Club Villain Check In

Checking in to Club Villain is where the fun begins.

Club Villain: Ambiance that Would Make Any Villain Proud

Club Villain is located next to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and beside the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. When you arrive with your pre-paid reservation, you check in at an outdoor kiosk in the courtyard of the Sunset Showcase. Cold bottled water, wine and other drinks are available to quench your thirst before the doors open and the evening begins.

Once inside, Club Villain immediately begins to ignite your senses on every level. The decor is over the top (in a good way) and it’s overwhelming at first trying to take it all in when you initially walk through the doors. The lighting (as you can see from the photos) is vibrant and heavily saturated to provide as much of a party and club-like atmosphere as possible. There are four villain thrones set up around the room and there are two bars — one each to the left and right of the DJ setup, which is front and center on the main stage. Seating is arranged around the dance floor, but the room still feels fairly intimate because it is not overcrowded.

One of the best things about Club Villain is that your invitation will have set times for meeting the villains, which means there is no stress about lining up to meet and greet. It makes it very easy to kick back and really enjoy the evening of dining, drinking, dancing and mingling with villains and other guests.

Club Villain, Walt Disney World, Open Bar

Club Villain features an open bar with wine, beer, special cocktails (alcoholic of course) and soft drinks.

Club Villain Features Excellent Food and Drink Options

I am not going to fill this space with photos of all the food at Club Villain (photos don’t do it justice), but suffice it to say that this all-you-care-to-enjoy buffet features a wide range of excellent Louisiana-inspired dishes. Pork short ribs, roast beef, shrimp and more are there for you to enjoy. On top of all that, the dessert options are very impressive. The desserts are sort of like tapas, so you can indulge in many mini bites and try all sorts of options — including the special themed desserts for each featured villain. There are buffet food tables set up on either side of the room (the same on both sides, except for a few of the desserts)

The surprising part of this event in many ways is the open bar. Not just because it features so many alcohol and non-alcohol options, but because the bar itself is quite piece of Disney Imagineering design. In addition to beer, wine, soft drinks, water and more, each villain has a signature cocktail for you to try (as many and as often as you like). Even though it is an open bar, we didn’t notice anyone overindulging at our event, so there were no issues in that regard.

Club Villain offers Specialty VIllain Cocktails

The open bar at Club Villain features specialty villain cocktails in honour of the four esteemed guest hosts.

Featured Villains and Performers at Club Villain

Club Villain features four of Disney’s most evil leading ladies: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmantions), The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) and the Evil Queen (Snow White). Each of these villains has her own throne in the club and will spend a great deal of time chatting with you (and you can even get photos of yourself on the thrones). In addition, the evening is hosted by Dr. Facilier (from Princess and the Frog) and his sidekick, Kanzo.

Club Villain emcee, Kanzo

Kanzo is the sidekick of Dr. Facilier at Club Villain and the MC of the show. He is an impressive performer with top notch talent. Very entertaining.

Kanzo is an amazing singer and an excellent emcee. Kanzo is often flanked by two beautifully evil dancers named Mystic and Charm (together they form Mystic Charm). Providing the backdrop of heart pounding dance rhythms and thumping beats is DJ Thibodeaux, who does a great job of keeping the show moving and the dance floor jumping.

Club Villain DJ Thibodeaux

DJ Thibodeaux is the heartbeat of Club Villain, spinning a heart thumping, bass pumping soundtrack all night long. If you want to dance, there won’t be anything holding you back at Club Villain.

You Can Dance the Night Away at Club Villain

Dancing is a big part of Club Villain. Throughout the night, Dr. Facilier and Kanzo will take to the stage and do a performance usually including song and dance, always featuring Mystic Charm. Audience members will often be invited to get up and dance as well and Facilier at one point leads a conga line with the kids (and adults who want to join in). So there is something for everyone at Club Villain. It is truly suitable for all ages.

Dr. Facilier on the stage at Club Villain

Dr. Facilier does an excellent job of hosting Club Villain. He is an amazing character who brings a rich bayou vibe to the event.

Club Villain is structured so that there is a good mix of showtime, dining/drinking time and time to wander around and look at the various villain thrones. In fact the only times that you really need to pay attention to are your designated timeslots to meet and greet with the villains (you don’t want to miss that).

Club Villain's MC Kanzo, dancing with Mystic and Charm

Throughout the evening Kanzo will come out to perform with Mystic and Charm. Often Dr. Facilier and the Villains will join in as well.

Dancing is a big part of Club Villain. At times the dance floor will be crowded with guests and at other times only a few brave souls will strut their stuff. Even at the dance floor’s busiest time, however, it is never overcrowded as Disney has really got it right in terms of the optimal number of guests for the show (in my opinion).

The Dance floor at Disney's Club Villain

While Club Villain is not exactly an all-out dance party, there are certainly no shortage of opportunities for you to hit the dance floor to strut your stuff. You can usually dance alongside Mystic and Charm (as you can see in the photo above).

It’s All About the Villains at Club Villain

Of course the real attraction at Club Villain are the wicked villains themselves. As our host for the evening, Dr. Facilier reminds us to embrace our dark side and throw caution to the wind. Fortunately, the Club provides the perfect atmosphere to do just that with some good natured evil fun — led by none other than the four leading ladies of villainy.

The Villains of Club Villain at Walt Disney World

While each villain has her own thrown, they do take several opportunities to appear together throughout the night at Club Villain.

Even though each villain has her own unique and elaborate throne, they do appear to enjoy spending some time together at the Club. At several times throughout the evening the villains will gather on the dance floor and/or stage to take part in the show.

Meeting the Villains

Of course, one of the main reasons to attend Club Villain is to meet these villains. The opportunities to mingle with any of these classic Disney figures are few and far between anywhere else in Walt Disney World, so Club Villain presents a unique an intimate experience to mix and mingle with some of Disney’s most notorious personalities.

Amelia and Maleficent at Disney's Club Villain

The villains spent a lot of time with Amelia, much more than we have found at any other Disney character experience we have attended. Here Maleficent teaches Amelia how to strike a pose.

The system of meeting villains at pre-set times works very well. There is no stress about lining up and the face time you get is far beyond anything that I have seen elsewhere at Walt Disney World.

Amelia plays around with Cruella de Vil at Club Villain.

Cruella de Vil is a playful villain who will dance around and have fun, in keeping with her quirky personality.

Each villain does an exemplary job in staying within character. The Evil Queen was exceptional at keeping her poisonous demeanor at all times. She even took the time to coach Amelia on how to do a perfect evil look.

Belobradic Family and the Evil Queen at Club Villain

The Evil Queen from Snow White strikes a pose with our family. We are giving our best effort at duplicating her classic evil stare.

If you want to become a villain yourself, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the evening for everyone in your party to take the spotlight front and center on the villain thrones. Disney PhotoPass photographers are on hand all night long as well to ensure that you get as many great photos as you like.

Amelia at Club Villain on Evil Queen Throne

Throughout the event at Club Villain you will have ample time to sit in the various villains’ thrones to see how you look ruling a dark kingdom!

Disney’s Club Villain is Pricey, But Worth It

Club Villain is not an inexpensive venture (this is Walt Disney World, after all), however, considering how good this event is if you do decide to go ahead and purchase tickets you likely won’t be disappointed. The event is extremely well run, the food is very good, the villains and all performers are excellent and the overall ambiance is among the best I have experienced at Walt Disney World.

Snow White's Evil Queen at Disney's Club Villain

Kanzo and the Evil Queen (who is holding the infamous poison apple) at Walt Disney World’s Club Villain.

Tickets for Club Villain must be purchased in advance and all taxes and gratuities are included. This is great because it means that you can kick back, relax and enjoy your time in the most wicked party you will find in all of Walt Disney World Resort.

Below is a brief video clip of the final two minutes of the Club Villain show that we attended. You can seen more videos from this show and other Disney destinations on my YouTube Channel.

And just as Kanzo says at the end of the video: “Club Villain is officially closed. Now get out.”

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