Disney’s Beach Club Resort vs Disney’s Yacht Club Resort: Which is Best?

Disney's Beach Club Resort vs Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Disney’s Beach Club Resort vs Disney’s Yacht Club Resort: Which is Best?

In one of the most challenging head-to-head comparisons among Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort hotels, in this post I’ll take a look at Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort to help you determine which one might be best for you.

This one’s challenging because in many ways these side-by-side resort hotels could be considered to be one big hotel. The Yacht Club and Beach Club are basically joined in the middle and they share many amenities. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll have access to the amazing Stormalong Bay Pool Complex, along with your choice of several other (quieter) pools located at these two resorts.

So how do you decide between the two? Well, there are a few differences that may tip the scale one way or another for you, so let’s dive right in.


On a head-to-head cost basis, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Beach Club Resort are almost identical — within a few dollars of eachother on a nightly rate basis. I ran several scenarios and for the record, Disney’s Beach Club Resort tended to be higher, but the magnitude was in the range of $5.00 to $10.00 per night (room only).

So on a cost basis, these two properties are even and you won’t be using this parameter to make a choice one way or another.

Winner: Draw.

Disney's Beach Club Resort Overview.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Overview.


Since these two properties are joined at the hip, location is pretty much equal. Both Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort are in an excellent location. They are waterfront on the shores of Crescent Lake, with a great view of the Boardwalk Inn and Disney Boardwalk area across the water.

If you want to get technical, then Disney’s Beach Club Resort is closer to Epcot (by a few hundred feet) and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is closer to the boat launch to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, by roughly the same distance. But that’s splitting hairs. So like the Cost factor, I don’t see location as being a significant determiner either way.

Winner: Draw.

Stormalong Bay, Walt Disney World

Stormalong Bay is shared by Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Walt Disney World.


Once again, this can be considered as one large complex when it comes to shopping. The shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a little more gift-shop-like, while the shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is definitely more upscale in nature. It’s not quite as upscale as the shops at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, but it is a little higher-end than the shop in Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Still, from a shops perspective this is not a deal breaker in either direction as you’ll likely visit both shops (several times) during your stay at either resort.

Winner: Draw.


This may seem like it’s getting a little boring, but once again I’m pretty close to calling it a draw on the dining…pretty close.

Yes, each property has its own restaurants and they’re a little higher end at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. But since the hotels are connected, this is not a big differentiator in terms of choosing between the two.

However, if I had to pick a winner here when it comes to dining, I’d have to go with Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Arguably, though, some of the best dining in the area is across the water on Disney’s Boardwalk or through the gates of Epcot into World Showcase.

Winner: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.

Disney's Yacht Club Resort Overview.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Overview.


Finally we have a category where things start to get a little interesting. While these two Deluxe Disney Resort Hotels are linked, they do feel very different in terms of ambiance and decor.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort has a more casual vibe to it. It’s definitely more beachy in colour palette, decor and overall aesthetics. It also tends to be busier, louder and have more kids running around.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort has a more conservative and club-like feel to it. The decor is nautical and wood-toned and reflects what Disney calls “timeless charm of a New England Yacht Club.” It’s generally clear to me that bigger families seem to choose Disney’s Beach Club over the Yacht Club, judging by the lobby activity alone.

Try this experiment: start in the shop at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and walk through the hotels all the way to the shop in Disney’s Beach Club Resort. You’ll likely notice that the closer you get to the shop in the Beach Club, the louder it gets and the more activity and kids there will be.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort also has a conference center attached to it, so you sometimes notice the corporate crowd with name tags. Also, in 2017 Disney selected Disney’s Yacht Club Resort to be the first Deluxe Disney property to allow dogs. So if you want to bring along your dog on your Disney vacation, then your choice has been made for you (assuming you’re looking for a luxury experience in a Disney Deluxe Resort — there are other options for dogs in the Moderate and Value hotel categories).

All in all, while there may be no winner here, there are distinct differences between the two when it comes to ambiance and the other factors noted above. So while I’m also calling this one a draw, this is probably the main category where you’ll make a decision between one hotel over the other

Looking for a quieter property or you have a dog? Choose Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.
Looking for a more upbeat and playful property? Choose Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Regatta Club, Club Level, Disney's Yacht Club

Club Level rooms in the Regatta Club at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort all come with balconies. This is not true for Club Level rooms at Disney’s Beach Club next door.

The Disney Factor

The Disney Factor is well represented at both of these Deluxe Disney Resorts. Each one does an excellent job of incorporating its respective theme and the Disney factor is tied in nicely and in a subtle way at both resorts. It’s safe to say that you’ll know that you’re staying at a Disney resort in either case. Even though I am going to call this one a draw as well because there is not clearly defining point here, if you really forced me to pick a side I’d have to go with Disney’s Beach Club Resort as having a razor thin edge in this category.

And the Winner is…

There really is no clear winner here — other than you as the guest at either of these luxury Disney resort hotels. For all intents and purposes this is one big hotel complex with two different themed sections. Use the information above to help guide your decision, probably mostly in the ambiance category. I stay in both of these and like them both for various reasons (covered above).

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