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Mike Belobradic, Disney Travel Subject Matter Expert

Mike Belobradic: Disney Travel Media Source

Your Subject Matter Expert on Disney Travel, Walt Disney World and Luxury Travel

If you are a reporter, author, blogger or other member of the media who is looking for a knowledgeable and reliable Disney travel expert as a source for your story, please feel free to contact me.

I am available for interviews and as a source to be quoted in travel stories relating to Disney travel, luxury Disney travel, luxury travel and any related subjects or pieces for which you want a travel expert to comment or provide input.

Qualifications and Credentials

I am not affiliated with any third-party organizations and therefore I am free to offer my opinions and advice for your piece, interview, panel and so on.

You can read more about my background and experience here and my travel resume here, but the following bullets provide a quick overview of my qualifications and credentials as a Disney travel expert:

  • 50 years of travel experience to Disney Resorts (multiple times each year);
  • Over 100 vacations (approximately 700 nights) spent onsite in Disney Resort hotels at Walt Disney World (since it first opened in 1971);
  • Over 1,000 Disney Park visits;
  • extensive travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort and Disney Resorts in Hawaii, Vero Beach (Florida) and Paris (France);
  • travel industry insider knowledge as a former licensed Luxury Disney Travel Advisor;
  • author of The Very Best of Walt Disney World Resort, a luxury Disney travel guide;
  • creator of the Luxury Disney Travel Blog, a leading and decorated online source for upscale travel to Disney destinations;
  • experienced global traveler and author, with a particular focus on North America (every Canadian province, Mexico and 49 of 50 states) and most of Europe;
  • quoted as a travel expert source in major media outlets and websites (for example in this recent story as a travel expert).

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or ideas that you may have.

Mike Belobradic
Disney Travel Expert and Author


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