Five Things You’ll Learn from a Disney Vero Beach Vacation

Five Things You'll Learn from a Disney Vero Beach Vacation

How to Do a Disney Florida Vacation Without Lines, Crowds or Waiting

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort: Where the Magic Lives Outside of Orlando

Believe it or not, it is possible to have a family Disney vacation in Florida without the lines, crowds or waiting often associated with Disney and Florida. Of course, I’m not talking about a Walt Disney World vacation, but instead a relaxing and fun-filled beachfront stay at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

If you haven’t heard of this wonderful Deluxe Disney resort before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Here are five things you’ll learn when you take a family vacation to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida.

Greetings from Disney's Vero Beach Resort

1. A Disney Vacation Doesn’t Have to be Hectic

While a Walt Disney World vacation often involves a lot of running around to meet various timelines, deadlines and reservations, a beach vacation at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is nothing like that. Yet, you still get that welcoming trademark level of Disney guest service and friendliness that you expect from a Disney vacation. Yes, you can even sneak in a little quality character dining if that suits your interests, but all in all everything will be without the hectic flow of a typical Disney theme parks vacation.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort, Florida

2. Disney Knows How to Do a Beach Vacation

Walt Disney single-handedly pioneered the theme park and over the years the Disney name has become synonymous with family-friendly theme park vacations. However, what you’ll discover at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is that Disney really knows how to the take the very best of a Disney theme park vacation and transport the essential elements into to a laid back beachfront environment. So you get the best of Disney guest service and attention, in a toned down oceanfront setting.

Fire pit at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

3. Disney Magic is Alive and Well Away from the Disney Parks

One of the things that Disney does best in all of its Deluxe Resorts is to find a theme and then develop magical experiences around that theme. At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, Disney has embraced the Resort’s location on Florida’s Treasure Coast, which is known for both pirates and shipwrecks, and seas turtle nests. Both of these engaging themes are treated to the Disney Magic at this resort, resulting in several unique, educational and fun family experiences that will create magical memories for you and your family.

Hidden Mickey Fence at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

4. Your Kids Won’t Need Theme Parks to Enjoy a Disney Vacation

Yes, it’s true. You can have a Disney vacation that kids will love without a theme park in sight.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a true gem. There is a super fun pool area (with an awesome water slide, pirate ship splash pool, mini golf and daily pool games), the campfire show and the Atlantic Ocean beach only steps away (with it own set of fun experiences). In addition, this Resort also offers a very extensive range of kid-friendly crafts, events and other opportunities for kids to kick back and enjoy summer the way kids are supposed to enjoy summer. Mini golf, bike rentals, turtle walks, tie-dye t-shirt making, sword making, shark-tooth necklace making, fishing and more. It’s all on site and can be had without lines or hassles (and for minimal costs). Just unbridled summertime fun, Disney style.

Pool at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

5. No Line-Ups. No Crowds. No Daily Plan Required.

A beach vacation should be relaxing and easygoing. At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, you’ll discover that that’s exactly what you get. Line-ups for anything are virtually non-existent (except for the occasional very short lines to book activities at Eb & Flo’s by the pool). The beach and pool are rarely overcrowded and you won’t have to plan your itinerary months in advance. You can wake up each morning and decide what you want to do that day…and then go and do it. There are very few things that require advance booking, so you can travel here and let your whims take you wherever you want to go.

Sunrise at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Disney’s Treasure on Florida’s Treasure Coast

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