Five Ways to Spot a Long Time Walt Disney World Traveler

Top Five Ways to Spot a Long Time Disney World Traveler

How to Spot a Long Time Walt Disney World Traveler: Five Key Traits

Frequent Walt Disney World vacations are a tradition for many families (mine included). Taking regular annual vacations to the “vacation kingdom of the world” — one, two or three times a year — is part of the normal calendar of events for many a Disney family. When you have been traveling to Walt Disney World on a regular basis for over four decades, you tend to give off a few telltale signs, whether or not you are aware of it.

Walt Disney World Monorail

The number one trait of any long time Walt Disney World traveler is the unique ability to say “please stand clear of the doors” perfectly and without hesitation in Spanish.

With the 45th Anniversary of Walt Disney World upon us, here are five top traits of a long time Disney traveler. How many of these can you spot among Disney visitors?:

1. They Know One Phrase in Spanish and Can Repeat it Perfectly

I, for one, don’t know much (if any) Spanish — although I do love the sound of the language. However, there is one phrase in Spanish that rolls off my tongue with near perfection (if I do say so myself).

Any time a long time Disney traveler hears a transit system recording that says “please stand clear of the doors,” you can rest assured that inside their head they are saying “por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas.” This is the one Spanish phrase that every long time Disney traveler can repeat with near perfection and without thought or hesitation.

If you want to check if someone is a true long time Disney traveler, ask them to say “please stand clear of the doors” en Espanol.

2. The “Shopping Village”

Many longtime Disney travelers still refer to Disney Springs (aka Downtown Disney, aka the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village) as “the Village” or the “Shopping Village.” This name goes back to the earliest of days of Walt Disney World. The Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village opened in March of 1975 and I am proud to say that my family was there for the event. This area has continued to grow and be redefined over the years, but to a long time Walt Disney World traveler, it will always be know affectionately as the “village.”

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Lobby

The Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts have unique aromas piped into their lobbies. Long time Walt Disney World travelers recognize these smells (and weren’t too pleased when some changes were made a few years ago).

3. Lobby Smells

Many areas of Walt Disney World have their own uniquely crafted smells. This includes the Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts, which each have their own unique smells. Disney Imagineers create the aromas to match the theming of the resort and the smells are piped into the common areas for ambiance and to spark pleasant memories of your surroundings (Walt Disney himself was a pioneer in adding smells to the sensory experience of his creative endeavours).

A few years ago when Disney changed some of the signature fragrances in places like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, longtime Disney travelers noticed the change (and probably did not it!).

4. They Still Use the Name “MGM”

While Disney’s Hollywood Studios is on the cusp of getting a new name and identity, the long time Disney traveler will often still refer to this park as “MGM.” This goes back to the park’s original name of Disney-MGM Studios.

Fast Pass+ as the original Rope Drop

Longtime Disney World travelers know that getting to the parks for Rope Drop is the original FastPass. In fact, even today this strategy can be more productive than three FastPasses.

5. The Original FastPass

Long time Walt Disney World travelers know that when they want to visit any Disney park, getting there for “rope drop” (approximately 20 minutes before the gates are scheduled to open) is a must do. In fact, getting to the parks early is what I would call the original FastPass. At almost any time of the year (the week between Christmas and New Year’s excluded), you can do more rides and attractions in the first two hours that a park is open than you could with your allotment of daily FastPasses. The trick, of course, is to both: get there early and book your FastPass+ attractions for later in the day.

What are your favorite traits of the long time Walt Disney World traveler?

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