Harmony Barber Shop: Get a Haircut in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

Harmony Barber Shop, Walt Disney World.

Harmony Barber Shop: Haircuts in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

There’s something special about a red and white barber’s pole on Main Street in a small town that takes you back to the wholesomeness of simpler times. The often-overlooked Harmony Barber Shop in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park is definitely no exception.

Barber Pole at Disney's Harmony Barber Shop.

A classic barber pole marks the spot between the Emporium and Fire Hall in Town Square. Harmony Barber Shop.

A Classic Disney Experience: The Harmony Barber Shop

Ever since I was a young boy and first sat in one of those chairs for a haircut, the Harmony Barber Shop at Walt Disney World has been a special place for me — and countless other guests as well. The only thing that can make this Classic Disney experience even more authentic is if the Dapper Dans happen to wander by while you are in the chair.

Like everything that Disney does, the Harmony Barber Shop has an air of authenticity about it. Bottles of hair tonics and talcum powders line the dark wooden shelves and your “barbers” are decked out in period clothing.

“Guests are always surprised to find there’s a real barbershop here,” said a Cast Member who works at Harmony Barber Shop. ”They think it’s a display and take pictures, but once they see it they can’t get away… they end up wanting a haircut.”

Inside Disney Harmony Barber Shop

A peek inside the Harmony Barber Shop in Disney’s Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Visitors to the Harmony Barber Shop may be surprised to learn that some of the antiques inside are actually used in the day-to-day operation of the shop. For example, a turn-of-the-century Western Electric phone box makes phone calls and the barbers ring up sales in a cash register dating back to 1912.

While a lot of guests don’t even know that they can get a haircut inside the Magic Kingdom, Cast Members in the Harmony Barber Shop are hardly sitting quietly with nothing to do. In a typical week, this barber shop performs between 350 and 400 haircuts. That’s a lot of snipping. Prices are fairly reasonable as well. Haircuts for children age 9 and under cost $18.00, while an adult haircut is $19.00. Kids (and adults who want a change) can even get a colored hair gel treatment to really make a statement (an extra fee applies). Beard and mustache trims are also available for a nominal cost.

Disney's Harmony Barber Shop at Dusk.

The hours of the Harmony Barber Shop do not necessarily match those of the Magic Kingdom, so be sure to plan ahead.

Making Memories with Baby’s First Haircut: A True Disney Classic

Probably the most magical experience of all, however, is baby’s first haircut. “First Haircuts” is truly the specialty of the Harmony Barber Shop and what Disney parents wouldn’t want their little one’s first haircut to take place in this magical place? Best of all, little ones who are lucky enough to get their first haircut at the Magic Kingdom barber shop are treated to many delightful surprises, from “pixie dust” sprinkles and bubbles to Mickey Mouse stickers and an extra-special “My 1st Haircut” set of Mouse Ears. A special certificate commemorating this fun milestone in your child’s life accompanies all of the other surprises. The “My First Haircut” experience is priced at a very reasonable $25.00. (All prices are at the time of writing in 2018 and may change.)

How to get a haircut at Harmony Barber Shop

It is important to note that Harmony Barber Shop only accepts appointments for guests staying at a Disney resort or guests who have a dining reservation. Guests without reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Have you had a haircut in the Harmony Barber Shop.

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