How Much Does it Cost to Join Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club

How Much Does it Cost to Join Disney Vacation Club?

There is no standard price to join Disney Vacation Club (DVC): Instead, the cost of a Disney Vacation Club membership depends on how many points you buy and to which DVC resort your points are associated.

How many points you buy is up to you (although there is a minimum) and will depend on a few things, including the size of your family (which impacts the type of room you may want: studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, etc.) and how many nights per year you plan to spend at a DVC resort.

Disney Vacation Club is based on a Points System

Disney Vacation Club works on a points system.

Rooms at Disney Vacation Club Resorts cost a certain number of points per night (similar to dollars at a regular hotel room). So if you want to have enough points to spend one week per year in a studio room at a given Disney Vacation Club Resort, you would look at the number of points required per night (at the high season pricing, to be safe) and then multiply that by the number of nights you’d like to spend there. That would be your starting point. If you think you may want to spend more than one week per year, or if you think you may want to stay in a one-bedroom villa or larger, you may want to consider buying more points.

You spend your points like dollars based on nightly rates and your points reset each year on the anniversary date of your contract.

How to Do a Very Rough Calculation of the DVC Cost

Let’s say one point costs US$190 to buy and the cost of one night in a studio at your desired resort is 30 points.

If you wanted to be able to stay at this resort for six nights per year, you would require 30 points x 6 nights = 180 points.

So that would cost you 180 x $190 = $34,200.

This is a one-time-only purchase.

There are also one-time closing costs (typically in the magnitude of approximately $500 to $1,000) and ongoing annual dues.  DVC annual dues are similar to maintenance fees — typically in the magnitude of approximately $1,000 to $2,000, based on the number of points you have. It can get quite high if you have a lot of points.

It’s important to note that your points are on a time limited contract. Unlike real estate, these points are time-dated and they don’t last forever (they are not yours for life). However, don’t worry, as these contracts are decades long and they can be passed down to your children if still active.

Disney Vacation Club Tower, Walt Disney World.

Disney Vacation Club at Walt Disney World.

Get a DVC Quote

For more information about the DVC program or to get a quote directly from Disney Vacation Club, I recommend visiting the DVC costs page on the official Disney Vacation Club website.

More Information about Disney Vacation Club

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