How to Choose a Name for Your Disney Travel Blog

How to Choose a Name for your Disney Travel Blog

Wondering What to Call Your Travel Blog?

Choosing a name for your Disney travel blog is an important step on the way to launching your new site

If you’re thinking of starting a Disney blog, one of the first things you’ll think about is choosing a name.

While I have a different philosophy than many others about the criticality of choosing a descriptive or literal name (I don’t believe that it’s a must by any stretch), there are a few things to consider so that you won’t regret the name that you pick. You want to do as much upfront thinking as possible to avoid running into a situation of having to change your blog name later on (which can be a major pain).

That’s what this blog post will help you do.

Slinky Dog Dash fisheye.

How important are keywords in your blog name?

Not as important as they used to be.

It’s often recommended that your blog name should be something that makes it immediately apparent what your blog is all about. This means having a very literal name, or a name that contains certain key words (travel, vacations, wanderlust etc.) so that Google and readers will know what your blog is about (or at least have a good idea).

While this makes sense and can be a good practice (it made a lot more sense when there were a lot more domain names available), it isn’t necessarily a must-do any more (giants like Google and Amazon have proven that). Still, many bloggers want their blog name to match their domain name (which I fully support), or at least be a close variation so that the two are obviously linked. So if you have certain keywords in your blog name, you should try to match them for consistency.

Disney Travel Domain Name Search

However, I don’t believe that the literal approach to domain names carries as much importance as it used to. So don’t spend a lot of time to trying to get a bunch of keywords in your domain name. You risk end up with having a keyword rich domain name that’s clunky and not particularly compelling. Plus, try to avoid hyphens and get a dot com if you can.

Name aside, the fact is that if your actual blog, its content and digital marketing are all tight, then the blog name and domain name carry less importance. Yes, it will take some time to build up your brand as a Disney travel guru, but that is true whether you have a descriptive name or not. Even if you were to have the perfect blog and domain name, you still need to have compelling content to ignite search spiders and compel readers to return on a regular basis.

Yoast SEO Premium is a must for any serious blogger.

Yoast SEO Premium is a must for any serious blogger. It’s a powerful tool that can provide a wealth of information. This screenshot was midway through creating this blog post.

Meta Descriptions Matter

Domain name aside, you will get the descriptive search juice that you seek by ensuring that you have a good meta description and title for your overall site, each page on the site and each blog post. If you are going to use self-hosted WordPress for your blog, I highly recommend investing in Yoast SEO Premium. It will go a long way to helping you fine tune your meta descriptions and much more. Well worth the nominal cost for anyone who is serious about the success of their blog.

Two Important Points for Choosing a Name and Domain Name for Your Disney Blog

There are two important points and a few general guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a blog name and domain name for your Disney travel blog (or any blog for that matter).

Disney Travel Name Google Search

1. Be sure no one else is using something similar

You’ll probably come up with a list of potential blog names and then check the availability of domain names that match or are close.

But you should also be sure to perform a Google search on any name that you are considering to be sure that no one else is using something similar. The last thing you want is to blindly launch a new blog only to find that there is someone out there (or some business) using the same name (or something very close) and they slap a cease and desist order on you.

So take two seconds to search every potential name to see what comes up. This can help to relieve a lot of headaches later on. You’ll also learn a lot when you go to search for a domain name, because you will see what’s taken and who is using it (using a Whois search).

Disney Registered Trademarks

2. Avoid violating copyrights and trademarks

If you plan to run a business on your blog, you may want to consider having a trademark lawyer search and register your name (assuming it clears all the hurdles above).

Even if you’re not going to go that far, pay attention to using any registered trademarks of the Walt Disney Company — especially in your domain name (a domain name is not something you’ll want to change as that can negatively impact domain authority and so on). While there are many Disney travel blogs out there using the word “Disney” or similar trademarked or copyrighted terms in their blog name or domain, this presents a risk.

Disney has been known occasionally to shut down websites or shops using trademarked names without Disney’s expressed written consent. From what I can tell, however, they have generally been taking a more passive approach to this.

If your site is a “fan site” (as Disney calls it), they will likely tend to leave you alone. A fan site is an independent site run by individuals that promotes Disney or Disney travel (that’s my definition based on discussions with Disney PR folks). Understandably, Disney generally appreciates blogs that are free marketing for Disney travel and other Disney properties. These can be sites about Disney travel, Disney food, etc. So they tend to allow these sites to operate without interference.

However, if you start to generate revenue from your website — trading in the Disney name (or copyrights, terms or trademarks) for profit and without consent — then you may find yourself running into trouble down the road.

If Disney ever decides to take mass action on shutting down unauthorized use of their corporate marks and logos online, your blog could be at risk of having to change its name and domain name, depending on where the infringements reside. So always use your best discretion.

Artisan Ice Cream, Epcot, France.

How to get a Disney flavor for your blog name without violating copyrights or trademarks

There’s a reason why some of the most popular Disney blogs out there use acronyms or shortened versions of “Disney.” They are avoiding the potential for any future headaches. So bear this in mind when brainstorming a name for your blog.

It’s up to you to take whatever risks you like, but just be aware of the potential problems that may arise down the road. You may even want to speak with an attorney/lawyer if you have questions or concerns.

Keep in mind that if your website is going to be revenue generating in any way, you risk upsetting your future business model by building up a website with a name that can be challenged in court.

You can still be clever using terms that are obviously Disney inspired, but not directly infringing on Disney trademarks. Yellow shoes, jolly holiday, pixie, castles, dreams, magical, house of mouse and so on will all make it very clear to Disney travelers that your blog has content related to Disney.

Tinker Bel Name

Should you use your own name for your blog?

My blog offers one example of how I tackled the challenges noted above.

I made a decision early on that I wanted to go with my own name as my domain. My goal is to raise my personal profile with respect to Disney expertise, so that is why I made that decision. My blog also includes my own name in the upper left header position at the top of every page. My blog’s name: the Luxury Disney Travel Blog is located in the upper right side.

I don’t monetize my blog in any way (so far at least), because I want to maintain the integrity of everything that I write. So I’m likely low risk in Disney’s eyes. Still, if the day ever came that I was forced to remove the Disney header on the upper right, it would not likely have a detrimental impact on my blog at all. By this point I have hundreds of luxury Disney travel posts indexed in Google and elsewhere, so it’s pretty clear what my blog is all about.

That is how I decided to address both the blog name and the domain name for my own blog. Yours will depend on what your blog is about and how you want to position yourself (or not) and your website.

Your blog name will become your brand name

Whether or not you realize it when you’re just starting out, your blog name is essentially your brand name (unless it is a blog within your shop’s site or travel agency site). But if you are launching a standalone blog, then the blog name will be the brand you are trying to promote.

So treat your blog name selection with branding in mind and make sure you’re happy with it.

Who is your target audience? Will a cutesy name work if that’s what you were thinking? Is your name too narrow or too broad? Will you still feel good about it in five years?

Consider what will be the tone of your blog to help guide you. A general news oriented Disney travel site will probably have a different name than a site that caters to Disney travelers with young children.

Is your name easy to say and write out on a business card? Does it work well as a domain name? Domain names that have two letters in a row, for example, often cause problems. A name such as MagicalLands can lead people to wonder if there are one or two Ls when you tell them the domain verbally. Potentially even more confusing is something like PrincessStories. The sss in the middle can lead to challenges.

So consider small nuances like that. Numbers in names can also sometimes prove problematic, so test run your name with others before you make a final decision.

Blog name generators: are they any good?

Blog name generators are fun to play with, but I don’t find them to be very useful in actually creating a useable blog name for you. Usually they take the word you’ve entered and place a bunch of random words either in front of, or after, the words. Not particularly useful in my opinion.

Still, playing around with one may spur another creative idea for you so by all means try one out if you’re having a hard time coming up with a blog name.

Always add a non-Disney disclaimer

One final point to note — especially if you have any sort of Disney-related words in your blog or domain name. Make a point of noting somewhere on your site (in your footer, perhaps) that your site is not related to the Walt Disney Company in any way. That will help to dispel any questions whatsoever that you are trying to make it appear that you are some sort of official Disney source. It’s an easy thing to do and a good common sense step to take.

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