How to Outfit Your Kids in Authentic Hawaiian Style at Disney Aulani

Painted Sky Hawaiian Style for Kids, Aulani

Painted Sky: HI Style Studio Offers Magical Makeovers at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

One of the best things about Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii is just how much there is to do. A two-week vacation at Aulani can fly by without a minute of boredom. Within the resort itself and in the surrounding area on Oahu, your Hawaiian adventure offers endless opportunities during a stay at Aulani.

So when Disney opened the Painted Sky: HI Style Studio at Aulani not too long ago, a whole new element of style opportunity emerged where your kids can truly get into the groove, Hawaiian style.

Inside Painted Sky at Disney Aulani.

Inside Painted Sky at Disney Aulani. (Photo Disney)

Get Ready for Your Epic Island Adventure in Hawaii

At Painted Sky, you can help your child (or “keiki,” as kids are known in Hawaii) to get ready for their next epic adventure with a total Hawaiian makeover. Celebrating a milestone? Heading off on a resort island journey at the Waikolohe pool? Going for a scenic ocean cruise on a dolphin watching catamaran? No matter what adventures you may have in store for your kids, they can do it in style at the newly designed Painted Sky: HI Style Studio, at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa.

Hawaiian style from Painted Sky.

At Painted Sky, your keiki can be outfitted Hawaiian style. (Photo Disney)

Painted Sky is a luxurious studio located onsite at Aulani. Boys and girls aged three to 12 can choose from a variety of magical makeover packages, which include hairstyling, makeup, costumes and accessories – all infused with hints of Hawaii and a playful sense of Disney fun. This is Painted Sky as a unisex version of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Your keiki can transform into a mermaid, or dress for any adventure across Oʻahu. They can even style themselves in the fashion of their favorite wayfinding adventurer Moana of Montunui — who may just happen to drop by the studio from time to time to say hello(!)

So keep your wits about you. Keen-eyed guests will notice that there’s a touch of Māui at Painted Sky as well, as the winding river rock floor path forms the shape of his famous hook.

Kickin' it Hawaiian style, courtesy of Painted Sky.

Kickin’ it Hawaiian style, courtesy of Painted Sky. (Photo Disney)

Where to Find Painted Sky at Aulani

Painted Sky: HI Style Studio is located in the Waiʻanae Tower, just outside of Laniwai Spa.

The relaxed-yet-sophisticated luxurious studio embraces the Hawaiian connection to nature and explores the cultural significance of the rainbows that so frequently grace the Hawaiian skyline. Disney Imagineers paid attention to detail here as well, as there is even a rainbow inside the studio through a special touch of magic. Here’s another tip: be sure to listen closely as you enter the studio — you may just hear the lovely sound of an ‘ukulele strumming a familiar Disney song.

Painted Sky: Hi Style Studio is just one of many not-to-be-missed experiences for any Disney Aulani vacation. To learn more about Painted Sky: Hi Style Studio, visit As is often the case with Disney’s most popular experiences, reservations are highly recommended.  Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance by visiting the website or calling (808) 674-6300.

Painted Sky Merchandise.

A peak at some of the merchandise available at Painted Sky. (Photo Disney)

Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa is a Premier Destination in Hawaii

When planning your Hawaiian vacation, there are many beautiful resorts from which to choose across the breadth of the Hawaiian Islands. Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa is definitely among the best that you will find on Oahu, providing a perfect blend of upscale amenities, a family-friendly environment, a premium location and just the right amount of Disney magic.

A vacation to Disney Aulani should be at least 10 days, with two weeks being an ideal length of stay. There is so much to see and do at the resort, in the general area and across the island of Oahu, that the added time at Disney Aulani will be well worth it.

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