Is a Disney VIP Tour Worth it?

Is a Disney VIP Tour Worth It?

Is a Disney VIP Tour Worth it?

The answer really depends on why you’re considering taking a Disney VIP Tour. At a cost of anywhere between approximately $4,000 and $6,000 for the seven hour tour (minimum allowable), it’s not an insignificant expense. So what are you expecting to get from a Disney VIP Tour?

What you get and what you don’t get with a Disney Private VIP Tour

What you typically get with a Disney VIP Tour:

  • a guided tour of the park or parks at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, where you’re in the driver’s seat as to what you want to see and do;
  • a knowledgeable VIP Tour Guide (though some are better than others);
  • shuttle transportation between parks during your tour time (at Walt Disney World, not needed at Disneyland);
  • FastPass access to as many attractions, as many times as you like, within your allotted tour time frame; and
  • reserved seating for parades, evening spectaculars (fireworks, nighttime shows etc.), on the same day as your paid VIP Tour, even when these take place after your tour has officially ended.

What you typically don’t get with a Disney VIP Tour:

  • front of line access to any rides or attractions;
  • access to behind-the-scenes areas or things you may see or do on a much less expensive Disney tour;
  • snacks or meals included in the price, even though you often get these on much less expensive Disney tours;
  • lanyards, pins or keepsakes of any kind.

Note: In speaking with other guests who have also taken Disney VIP Tours, there are definitely inconsistencies in the overall experience. Some guests have reported receiving pins and/or getting meals or snacks included from their VIP Tour Guide, but this is not always the case (and has not been the case for me personally). So be forewarned that it seems to be very guide dependent. We have never received meals, snacks, pins etc. on our Disney VIP Tours. I am currently awaiting an official comment from Disney as to what are the guidelines that a VIP Tour guest can expect in this regard.

The Plaids, Disney VIP Tour Guide.

Disney VIP Tour Guides are affectionately known as “The Plaids” due to their telltale plaid vests. They can very quickly help you navigate through long lines like this one for Smugger’s Run in Galaxy’s Edge.

The Disney Private VIP Tour is one of the highest cost Disney tours with arguably one of the lowest value returns

The Disney Private VIP Tour is a bit of a funny thing.

When compared to other Disney tours (Wild Africa Trek, Backstage Magic, Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps and so on) you really don’t get the same sort of special feeling, keepsakes, nice meal included and so on.

In fact, you get none of those things.

On top of all that, during your Disney Private VIP Tour you may end up buying lunch, snacks and drinks for your Disney VIP Tour guide — and then tipping them at the end as well.

I find this to be a bit of an oddity in that Disney is treating their highest-paying guests with the most bare bones experience, as compared to other — far less expensive — tour options. If nothing else, they should have a keepsake of some sort for the kids in your party (which can be up to 10 people, at time of writing) and dining should most definitely be included.


If your objectives meet certain criteria, then it can meet your needs and (almost) justify the costs.

Flight of Passage Fastpass

If you’re willing to pay for an unlimited FastPass, then a Disney VIP Tour may be worth it for you.

Is a Disney VIP Tour Recommended?

I have taken Disney Private VIP Tours a couple of times (most recently in August 2019) and this is my assessment.

A Disney VIP Tour will make you feel special, but so will all of the Disney private tours.

A Disney Private VIP Tour is really only something that you should consider if your main objectives are:

  • to have unfettered access around and between Disney parks,
  • to have unlimited FastPass capabilities and
  • to get the bonus of reserved seating for popular nighttime parades and shows.

If these three points are important objectives for you, then by all means a Disney VIP Tour will meet your needs and make you feel special.

If you aren’t very familiar with Disney Parks and you want to see as much as possible in one day — including the marquee attractions (in most cases), then the Disney VIP Tour will be a great way to do as much as you possibly can during the limited time that you have. You will definitely see and do more than you ever could on your own when you have the benefits offered by a Disney VIP Tour and guide.

However, if these are not your primary criteria, there is a wide selection of other excellent tours available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World that offer a better experience for far less. So be sure to consider all your options before making a final decision.

Amelia with Disney VIP Tour Guide.

Daughter Amelia with our Disney VIP Tour Guide.

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