Luxury Travel: The Finer Side of Travel

Luxury Travel: The Finer Side of Life with Mike Belobradic (Hyatt Huntington Beach)

Luxury travel is all about enjoying the finer side of life wherever your journeys may take you

As a Luxury Travel Blogger (and a luxury traveler myself) I help my readers to experience the very best of select destinations, from Hawaii to California, to Florida and beyond. I recommend resorts and destinations with which I have first-hand personal experience so that I can provide the kind of advice and guidance you expect from your Trusted Travel Blogger.

I maintain a recommended list of luxury resort hotels in desirable locations across North America and Hawaii. I write for all travelers who are looking to enjoy The Finer Side of Travel™ and experience some of the finest deluxe properties around. Guided by my first-hand experience of the resorts, their properties and the surrounding areas, I can also help to craft a custom-tailored luxury vacation for you and your family.

Mike Belobradic’s Recommended List of Luxury Resorts

Some of my personal favourite resorts on my recommended list of luxury resort properties include (in no particular order):

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

The lawn by the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego.

Access to a Vast Network of Luxury Resources 

In addition to my recommended list I continually research luxury resorts and locations near and far to find the optimal properties and destinations that may be of interest to my readers. I have access to a vast array of luxury travel resources to help ensure that I always have fresh and new material to write about.

In addition, if you are searching for a luxury Disney destination, please visit my luxury Disney travel pages for a full array of information on luxury Disney travel.

Mike Belobradic
Luxury Travel Blogger
The Finer Side of Travel™

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