Never Summer Twenty Five: Snowboard Review

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Never Summer Twenty Five Review

A Mini Review of the 2017 Never Summer Twenty Five: 25th Anniversary Snowboard

With a much welcome dumping of early season snow blanketing our local hills this year, I was finally able to test out the new Never Summer Twenty Five – the 25th anniversary snowboard from Never Summer Industries. I picked up this board back in October and have been anxiously awaiting opening day to give this deck its inaugural run. Let me just say up front that the Never Summer Twenty Five did not disappoint.

Here is my mini review of the 2017 Never Summer Twenty Five Snowboard.

Never Summer describes the Twenty Five as a “directional freeride version of the Proto Type Two. The Twenty Five has optimum powder performance with a mid firm flex for carving precision.”

Never Summer Twenty Five in rack

The Never Summer Twenty Five snowboard is a limited edition deck created to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Never Summer Industries and what a great celebration it is!

With that said, I will leave it to other reviews and the official Never Summer website to provide all the technical specs and details about this board (effective edge, profile and so on) should you wish to dig into the nitty gritty of all that. Here I will concentrate purely on one rider’s review with respect to on-hill performance and rideability of the Never Summer Twenty Five. After all, that’s really what it’s all about when all is said and done.

High Expectations for this Snowboard

After reading as many reviews as I could find from those lucky enough to have previewed this board at the end of last season, I had high expectations for the Never Summer Twenty Five. So I am pretty happy to report that once I finally got this board onto a hill the deck actually managed to outperform on my already high expectations. That doesn’t happen all the time.

As a bit of background and context, this is my 24th season snowboarding and I tend to be an all mountain rider who enjoys spending some occasional time in the park, but mostly I like to freeride. Being from Southern Ontario, we don’t see a lot of true powder and my local conditions tend to be groomed hardpack. Those are the conditions that I rode to test the Never Summer Twenty Five: a perfect early season sunny day with freshly groomed hardpack. For the record, I outfitted my board with Burton Genesis bindings, which I have been riding for a few seasons now.

Never Summer Twenty Five Snowboard

The Never Summer Twenty Five is one tough cookie that rips through snow like butter. It’s a good riding as it is looking. Thanks Never Summer Industries.

The Never Summer Twenty Five Delivers with a Smooth, Stable and Responsive Ride

Right out of the gate, the Twenty Five felt smooth, easy riding and pretty fast. The board has a very stable and comfortable ride and it cuts aggressively through just about anything in its path. Regardless of whether I was on freshly fallen snow off to the side, corn snow down the middle of a run, or frozen bumps in churned up sections, the Never Summer Twenty Five did not waver. I have had other boards that couldn’t handle hitting a frozen chunk of snow on a steep, for example, but not this board. It charged ahead and delivered when I needed it to.

On the steeps, the Never Summer Twenty Five held strong and I could carve and turn with confidence that I wouldn’t fishtail or catch an errant edge. I haven’t felt this comfortable and confident riding a board in many years. No matter where I ventured, the Twenty Five was up to the task. On top of all that, this board provides some fairly decent speed when you let it rip. In fact my daughter said several times “Daddy, how are you going so fast?!?”

That just about sums it up. Right out of the gate — from my first run onward — this deck felt like a great fit for my riding style. With each run I grew more confident in its ability to handle just about any conditions on the slopes with ease and an aggressive edge — aggressive and forgiving at the same time. I never caught an edge or felt any wobble at speed. The ride was smooth, stable and just a whole lot of fun.

Never Summer 25 Snowboard

Not only does the Never Summer Twenty Five perform like a champion on the snow, it sure looks great and has a non-slip top sheet to boot.

The Never Summer Twenty Five Looks as Good as it Performs

Another thing that I really like about this deck is that the surface material tends to be non-slip so that you won’t need a stomp pad or spikes to ride off the lift (or at any other time). Plus, the graphics overall are pretty awesome on the Twenty Five and I am pretty sure that it will get a few extra looks and grab some attention in the lift line as the season progresses. A great job by Never Summer on the all around production of this board.

Being that it was opening day, I wasn’t able to put the Twenty Five through any board park test runs, but based on what I experienced throughout the day, I am pretty sure that it will be a fun ride for straight up jumps and boxes, which is about the extent of my park activity these days.

Never Summer Twenty Five Tail Graphics

The Never Summer Twenty Five is a killer snowboard that surpassed my expectations. It is definitely worth considering if you are searching for a top notch freeride snowboard in 2017.

One of the Best All Around Boards I Have Owned

All in all, the Never Summer Twenty Five is probably the best board that I have ridden in recent years (I tend to get a couple of new boards each season, so I ride a fair number of boards). It has made me lament the fact that I haven’t been on a Never Summer board since my early years snowboarding (I started riding at almost the exact same time as the company was born). It’s safe to say, however, that that has now changed.

If you are considering this board or if you are looking for a good all mountain freeride board, then I highly recommend the Never Summer Twenty Five. Be sure to snap one up before they’re gone.

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