New Disney Travel Podcast Launches at 1923 Main Street®

1923 Main Street: Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast

A Daddy and Daughter Podcast Team Share Their Extensive Disney Travel Experience in Every Episode

A fresh new Disney travel podcast has launched, featuring the daddy and daughter Disney travel team of Mike Belobradic and Amelia Belobradic.

1923 Main Street®: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast covers everything to do with Disney travel, from Walt Disney World in Florida, to Disneyland Resort in California, along with Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resorts, Disneyland Paris and more. With over six decades of regular Disney travel between them, Mike and Amelia aim to have fun-filled, lively and informative discussions on every weekly episode of 1923 Main Street®: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast.

A Unique Podcast Approach Gives Two Perspectives on Disney Travel: Adult and Child

1923 Main Street: Disney Travel PodcastIf you ever wondered what your child may think about certain aspects of a Disney vacation, 1923 Main Street has you covered. With both an adult’s perspective and a kid’s view in every episode, the podcast has something for everyone when it comes to Disney vacation planning.

But 1923 Main Street isn’t just a podcast for families with kids. At age 11, Amelia Belobradic (who lives in Oakville, Ontario, just outside of Toronto) is a Disney travel expert in her own right. With nearly 30 weeks spent onsite at Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort hotels over the past 10 years, Amelia can hold her own with any Disney travel guru of any age. She brings a sharp wit, deep knowledge and a great sense of humor to the podcast. “Amelia has never shied away from sharing her opinion with me on anything,” said Mike Belobradic, Amelia’s father. “That’s one of the reasons we thought it would be great fun to do the podcast together. Our opinions don’t always match, which gives great perspective to anyone listening.”

Amelia is not just a Walt Disney World traveler, in fact, her travels go far beyond the Most Magical Place on Earth. This includes multiple vacations to Disneyland Resort, Disney Aulani in Hawaii and other Disney destinations, including Disney Vacation Club properties and Disneyland Paris.

Mike and Amelia Belobradic on the Grand 1 Yacht.

Amelia and Mike aboard the Grand 1 Yacht at Walt Disney World during Mike’s 100th Walt Disney World vacation in March 2019.

Not to be outdone by his younger co-host, Mike Belobradic has a long history of Disney vacations himself. In March 2019, Mike celebrated his 100th vacation to Walt Disney World. With nearly 50 years of multiple annual vacations to Walt Disney World from Ontario, Canada, Mike makes a great foil to Amelia’s bright and bubbly style. Mike’s first Disney vacation experience actually pre-dates Walt Disney World, as his father, the late Jack Belobradic (Amelia’s grandfather) took the family cross-country to Disneyland Resort before Walt Disney World even opened.

Hundreds of Disney Vacations Power Every Episode of 1923 Main Street

With hundreds of Disney vacations between them, Mike and Amelia bring the perspective of a Disney traveler to their podcast. “Our point-of-view is different than bloggers or podcasters who are local to Orlando or who live near any Disney Park,” said Mike. “Their perspective is different than that of someone who has to get on a plane and fly to the destination. I have spent over 700 nights in Disney hotels onsite and we bring that whole vacation planning process and point of view to our listeners. It’s an entirely different thing when you have to plan a trip and you’re spending literally thousands of dollars each time you visit,” he added.

1923 Main Street: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes and most major podcast platforms. You can also visit the official website for the show at

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