When is the best time to ride Kilimanjaro Safari?

Kilimanjaro Safari in the Rain

When is the best time to ride Kilimanjaro Safari?
In the Rain: A Walt Disney World Cast Member Tip

The best time to ride Kilimanjaro Safari at Walt Disney World is in the rain.

On a recent visit to Walt Disney World we enjoyed an excellent time on the Wild Africa Trek, a VIP experience that takes you behind the scenes of the popular Kilimanjaro Safari adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

It was drizzling a bit on the morning of our tour and we were wondering aloud as to whether the tour would happen as scheduled and whether it would be inhibited by the rain. Would the animals stay out of sight if the rains came?

Disney Safari in the Rain.

Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safari in the Rain.

We started chatting with one of our Disney Cast Member guides and we were told that in fact it was quite the opposite. “Most people think that it’s not worth coming out on the Kilimanjaro Safari if it’s raining because the animals will hide under cover,” he said. “But in fact it’s just the opposite: the animals love frolicking in the rain! Especially on the hot summer days. So a rainy day is an excellent time to do the Kilimanjaro Safari — and it’s usually less crowded too.”

Rain is When the Animals Come Out to Play

This was news to me because I’d never really thought of it in this way. It’s pretty common knowledge among experienced Disney travelers that a rainy day is a good time to hit the parks because the crowds will be lighter than usual. But I hadn’t considered that the animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari actually enjoy the rain and like to come out to play during that time. Of course, all bets are off if the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning, which is a strict Disney policy for most rides and attractions.

So keep this in mind the next time you’re visiting Walt Disney World and you’re at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park when rain drops start to fall. While other guests are making their way to the exits, put on your poncho and make your way to Africa for a trip on the Kilimanjaro Safari.

You may just end up having the best ride of your life and see animals that you don’t usually see on a dry trek through the savanna.

Kilimanjaro Safari, DIsney's Animal Kingdom Park

Misty morning on Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

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