The Modern Allure of Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Modern Allure of Disney's Contemporary Resort.

The Modern Allure and Clean Lines of Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The thing about modern design is that there’s a fine line between modern that falls tastefully into the background and ultra modern that you can’t help but to notice (and often in a very in-your-face kind of way). Fortunately, the design approach at Disney’s Contemporary Resort falls into the former group.

Disney's Contemporary Resort at sunset.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort at sunset.

As one of the original two Walt Disney World Resort hotels from 1971, Disney’s Contemporary Resort has stood the test of time. Love it or hate it (it is the most polarizing of all Deluxe Disney hotels), “the Contemp” has become an icon that is synonymous with Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney' Contemporary Resort lobby, Fantasia

Inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort, glass and concrete rule the day and very Disney sort of way.

As a young boy in the 1970s, we spent a lot of time at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, but I much preferred the ambiance of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, the only two other options available. Over the years, however, the Contemporary has grown on me and I have a newfound fondness for its timeless simple lines and understated allure and charm.

Disney's Contemporary Resort, Concourse view.

Looking down at the Concourse area from the upper floor inside of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The biggest complaint about Disney’s Contemporary Resort is that it isn’t themed in the same way as other Disney Resort hotels. But that argument is taken from a modern day standpoint. Back in 1971, there wasn’t a lot to compare it to and given Walt Disney’s personal fascination with the future — and the fact that this resort property is situated next to Tomorrowland in nearby Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park — I would argue that the theming is probably something that has a touch of the great man himself somewhere along the way.

Chef Mickey's.

Chef Mickey’s in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

All in all, it’s true that Disney’s Contemporary Resort won’t appeal to everyone. But the hotel has a lot going for it and it’s simple and clean lines are definitely part of its charm. The fact that it is within walking distance of the front gates of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park is an added bonus.

Contemporary art: Mickey Mouse.

Contemporary art: Mickey Mouse.

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