The Whimsical Charm of Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Hurricane Hanna at Disney's Beach Club Resort

The Whimsical Charms of Disney’s Beach Club Resort

You know that great holiday feeling of being at a beach resort and walking through the hotel lobby after a fun day on the beach?

Pirate Ship at Disney's Beach Club Resort.

The Pirate Ship in Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Well, that was something that the original Walt Disney World Imagineers really wanted to create because they were quite concerned about competing with Florida beachfront resorts. In the late 1960s, Imagineers were worried that Orlando’s landlocked location would be its Achilles heel in Florida. If you’re a Disney Imagineer and you don’t have a beach to work with, what do you do?

The solution? Create one.

Stormalong Bay Fun at Disney's Beach Club Resort.

Stormalong Bay Fun at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

The first iteration of this was Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. While it has an island vibe to it, it’s not quite the traditional American beach holiday type of place. So many years later, the dream finally took shape as Disney’s Beach Club Resort and it has been a popular family resort destination ever since.

The Imagineers who designed Disney’s Beach Club Resort managed to achieve a fun-filled beach holiday feel and they did it without the benefit of having an ocean out front to help with the cause.

Beach Club Villas Lobby

Inside the lobby of the Villas at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

While the Imagineering that went into the design and décor of the hotel is perfect for the theme, it’s the sandy-bottomed massive pool complex known as Stormalong Bay that really lends to the overall beach theme of this popular Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort.

Disney's Beach Club Painting

Beach Club whimsy is captured in many of the paintings on display at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is filled with charm and whimsy and caters to guests who love the beach vibe and who love to play in the water.

Sometimes guests will find themselves trying to decide between Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and for that, I have this handy guide to help you decide.

Disney's Beach Club Villas Entrance.

The welcoming beachy tones of Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

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