The Three Best Places to Ride a Bike at Walt Disney World

3 places to rent and ride a bike at disney world

Three Great Places to Rent a Bike at Walt Disney World

One of the things that I always recommend to Walt Disney World travelers is to break away from the parks and crowds at some point during your stay to enjoy the rest of the World around you.

If you like biking (or if you haven’t been on one in awhile) renting a bike and peddling around for a few hours is a great way to see some parts of Walt Disney World that you’d probably never visit otherwise (plus, it’s a good way to burn off some of those Mickey Bars or Dole Whips).

You can rent bikes at quite a few places around Walt Disney World, but there are three standout choices that will allow you to really get away from the crowds and pedal your way to some unique settings and destinations.

My Top Three Picks for Best Place to Ride a Bike at Walt Disney World

Bike Barn Bike Rentals, Fort Wilderness, Walt Disney World

1. Fort Wilderness Campground

Unless you stay there, most guests don’t realize what they’re missing at this hidden gem among Walt Disney World resort properties.

Fort Wilderness is primarily a campground (although it does offer some cabin rentals) set amidst the southern pines and relaxing ambiance of an old west or pioneer type of theme. While only a boat ride away from the sights and sounds of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, the vibe here is a world away, almost like you’ve stepped back in time to a sense of days gone by. It’s very similar to the feeling you get in Frontierland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park (only with trees and no crowds). I always imagined that Walt Disney would have loved Fort Wilderness because it embodies the simpler times that he often tried to replicate in parks and attractions.

With its sprawling grounds, waterways, trading posts and massive network of roads and pathways, Fort Wilderness is easily the number one choice for where to go if you want to rent a bike and pedal around for awhile in a natural setting that is free from crowds and general chaos.

Start your adventure at the Bike Barn not far from the Meadow Trading Post at Fort Wilderness.

Horsing Around Bike Rentals at Disney's Saratoga Springs

Horsing Around Bike Rentals at Disney’s Saratoga Springs.

2. Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

If you want to capture the essence of the Fort Wilderness biking experience, but you’d prefer to elevate it a little to a more upscale and less rustic resort type of environment, then try renting a bike at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is a sprawling luxury property with well over 60 acres of space that is filled with trails and roadways to explore. You can ride your rental bike on an expansive set of paved pathways that wind their way throughout the pastoral resort setting. Ride waterfront along Lake Buena Vista across from Disney Springs. Then travel throughout the resort itself on trails that are rarely crowded with guests. You’ll pass ponds with local wildlife while making your way to more trails that travel next to the beautiful Lake Buena Vista Golf Course. Then, head into the wood canopy trails where you’ll find the unique Treehouse Villas section of the property. All in all, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is a great spot for a bike ride and an afternoon snack.

You can start your adventure at Horsing Around Rentals at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort.

If you happen to be staying here, don’t forget to take your shot at the Great Saratoga Springs Pool Hop Challenge! Let me know how you did by sharing your results on social media.

Disney's Boardwalk, Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Boardwalk, Walt Disney World.

3. Disney’s Boardwalk

Finally, Disney’s Boardwalk area offers a more limited, but lively type of biking experience.

While not quite as empty as the trails of the first two options, riding a bike on the Boardwalk does have its own sense of pleasure and quaint attraction. There are two ways to approach a ride in this area that I would recommend.

If you just feel like a shorter ride and want to stick to the main Boardwalk area, you may want to try renting a Surrey Bike. They don’t go as fast as a regular bike, so they are a great choice for sightseeing around the Boardwalk.

However, if you feel like a longer ride, then rent a regular bike and you can explore not only the Boardwalk itself, but the trails in behind the Boardwalk Inn and the pathways around Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts as well.

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