Top 10 Disney Travel Podcast Episodes

Top 10 Best Disney Travel Podcasts

The Top 10 Disney Travel Podcast Episodes of 2020

The Disney Travel Podcast at 1923 Main Street is a weekly podcast that features Disney travel episodes every Tuesday. This past year we had traffic showing a steady increase month over month in 2020. With that in minds, these were the 10 most popular episodes by (downloads) for 2020 out of the 53 episodes released.

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10. Favorite Historical Tales from Walt Disney World and Disneyland

When it comes to Disney history, there are many great stories to share. This popular episode of 1923 Main Street: The Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast covers five favorite historical tales from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. See if you know all five of these (one in particular you’ve probably never heard before this).

9. Disney Dreaming: What if You Were in Charge of Walt Disney World?

Ever dreamed of being an Imagineer with complete control over Walt Disney World? What would you do to add, remove, or change the future of the Most Magical Place on Earth? In this episode w share our Disney dreams, plus we reached out to several of our listeners for this show and they have some amazingly great ideas that are also included in the episode. Which ones will you like best?

8. The Perfect Disney Day at Walt Disney World

What makes for a perfect Disney day at Walt Disney World? We discuss what it takes to turn every day of your Walt Disney World vacation into the most magical Disney day. From early morning to late night, hear how to craft the perfect Disney day.

7. Disneyland versus Walt Disney World: Rides and More Go Head-to-Head

Disneyland versus Walt Disney World. We take similar rides, attractions and more at both parks and put them head-to-head to see which ones reign supreme. Will there be a clear winner between these two popular Disney resorts? Listen and find out.

6. Walt Disney World After Dark: What to Do When the Sun Goes Down

Walt Disney World after dark: favorite things to do when the sun goes down. From theme parks, to resort hotels and more, we share our favorite Disney after dark things to do at night on your Walt Disney World vacation.

5.  Disney’s Contemporary Resort: An Insider’s Guide

Join us as we explore Walt Disney World’s original resort hotel: Disney’s Contemporary Resort. If you’re thinking of staying here, or if you just plain love this hotel, you will enjoy our inside look at a true Walt Disney World original.

4. Underrated and Overrated at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World rides, attractions, dining and more…which do we feel are underrated and which are overrated? We share our take on which of these get too much attention or not enough. How will your thoughts compare to ours?

3. Disney’s Polynesian Village: Likes, Dislikes and Hopes for the Future

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is a classic original Walt Disney World hotel. So what’s great about it? What’s not so great about it? And what should we hope to see after the renovations are complete in summer 2021?

2. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort: The Insider’s Guide (Part 1)

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is the Crown Jewel of all Walt Disney World hotels. In this episode of the Disney Travel Podcast we look at the mystique of the Grand Floridian and take a look inside Disney’s most desirable resort at Walt Disney World.

1. The Ultimate Walt Disney World Bucket List

Our number one most popular episode of the year is all about going big! Looking for the ultimate experiences for your Walt Disney World bucket list? In this episode of the Disney Travel Podcast, we discuss the top five VIP experiences that will take any Disney vacation to the next level. Which is your favorite?

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