Top 7 Reasons to Work with an Experienced Travel Advisor

7 Reasons to work With a Disney Travel Advisor

Disney Travel is One Area Where Travel Advice is Critical

You have many options when it comes to booking your Disney vacation, from online travel sites… to booking directly with Disney… to using the services of a Travel Agent who books Disney travel.

With all of these choices, how do you know which is the best option for you? Not all of these services are created equal (especially when it comes to your Travel Agent) and they won’t all give you the same Disney vacation experience. So it’s important to understand the benefits and pitfalls of each approach to choose the one that’s best for you.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Work with an Experienced Travel Advisor When Booking Your Disney Vacation

Here are the top seven reasons why you should work with a Disney Specialist Travel Advisor when booking your next Disney vacation.

Disney Pressed Penny machine

Many travelers don’t know that they don’t pay more when using the services of a travel agent.

1.  No Hidden Fees

Travel Agents do not usually charge extra fees when booking a comprehensive vacation package for clients. Travel Agents are compensated by the destinations they serve. However, there is a move in the industry for travel agents to begin charging additional fees for their planning services. This makes sense to me, as long as you are receiving expert advice. It’s no different than a financial planner who charges a planning fee for the service.

The key here is that:

  1. the travel agent should be up front about any fees that they may charge and
  2. that you are comfortable that you will actually be receiving expert advice for any additional costs.

2. Makes Your Life Less Stressful

Vacation planning can be stressful. With the multitude of options and conflicting advice that you find online, how do you know who to trust or what actually applies to you? Using the services of an experienced Travel Advisor allows you to feel less stress because you can trust that your Advisor knows the ins and outs of every option that you may come across. An experienced Advisor will offer unbiased advice and guidance. Disney travel can be particularly stressful due to the sheer amount of options that you have. Be sure to find a long-time Disney specialist who has decades of experience so you know you are leveraging their knowledge.

Place For Friends, Winnie the Pooh

Working with an experienced Disney Travel Advisor saves you time and makes the planning process less stressful.

3. Saves You Time

Disney vacations to destinations including Walt Disney World often require extensively more research than a single destination. The time it takes to research the seemingly infinite options of resort hotels, dining options, park itineraries, FastPass+ reservations and so on can be overwhelmingly to first-time travelers in particular.

Leveraging the services of an experienced Travel Advisor who exclusively focuses on Disney travel will be a significant time saver.

4. Can Save You Money

When you work with a Travel Advisor who is focused on Disney travel, he or she will be aware of any new offers made available from Disney virtually as soon as they go live (and sometimes even before you hear about them). Rather than you having to keep an eye out for offers that may reduce the cost of your already-booked Disney vacation, your Travel Advisor will do this for you and act on it as soon as they hear. These offers usually have limited availability, so those who act first and quickest will lock-in the savings before the allotment is depleted.

Tailors to the Stars, Disney's Hollywood Studios

An experience Travel Advisor will provide custom tailored advice for your Walt Disney World vacation.

5. Provide Custom-Tailored Advice

When you book direct or use an online travel agent, you will not receive the same level of custom tailored personalized travel service or Disney knowledge that you will get from an experienced Travel Advisor with decades of Disney travel experience. This can be the difference between a good experience and a great one.

6. There When You Need Them

Sometimes you have questions after you book or things don’t go exactly as planned. In those cases, it’s very beneficial to have a dedicated and experienced Advisor to whom you can turn for answers, assistance or advice. Not only does this bring peace of mind, but it can help your family vacation to go much more smoothly and avoid any unneeded stress.

Special FX Makeup, Disney's Hollywood Studios

A Travel Advisor should be a specialist in what they do, ideally with a very specific niche such as my focus on Luxury Disney Travel.

7. Specialists in What They Do

Would you rather work with a generalist or a specialist? A specialist Luxury Disney Travel Advisor is fully dedicated to their area of expertise, meaning that they will know the ins and outs of Luxury Disney travel like few others. It is worth your time to ensure that your Travel Advisor is someone that you would consider to be an unparalleled expert in Disney travel. Check the expertise of a few Travel Agents before committing to anyone. You want to be sure that you are working with someone who is truly the expert they claim to be. It can make a big difference in your satisfaction with your overall Disney vacation planning process.

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