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Thank you for visiting my luxury travel website. In this FAQ I answer some of the more common questions that I get asked about my travel blog and related topics. I hope that you find it helpful. If you have additional questions not answered here, please feel free to look around my website or send me an email with any specific questions.

Q. Do you provide Disney travel services or book any luxury travel?

No. I am no longer a licensed Luxury Travel Advisor. Now, I spend my time on my Luxury Disney Travel Blog and writing about The Finer Side of Travel™.

I also provide a number of professional services to the travel industry, including marketing, social media, brand strategy and digital strategy advice and services.

Many questions that you may have, however (such as which Disney Deluxe Resort to choose, which Disney Magic Your Way tickets to buy, or whether or not to purchase a Disney Dining Plan) are exactly what I write about in my blog.

Q. How far in advance should I book my Disney vacation?

As far in advance as possible.

To get your first choice of accommodation and room type it is always best to book your vacation as early as possible. Walt Disney World typically requires only a US$200 deposit (in most cases) at the time of booking. Full payment is not due until 45 days before your vacation. However, Walt Disney World dining reservations can be made as far out as 180 days before your arrival. The most popular restaurants book up quickly as a result. So for this reason alone it is worth booking as early as possible. Dining reservations form the backbone of the custom travel itinerary that I will create for you so having these in place is extremely helpful. Plus, you can avoid disappointment by being among the first to book the most popular restaurants.

Please note that even at six months in advance, there is no guarantee that you will get the reservation you desire, as many travelers will be waiting for their day as weell, in order to start booking Disney dining.

Q. If I booked my own Disney vacation, can I have you create my own custom Disney itinerary?

Yes. If you have already booked your Disney vacation directly and you would like expert advice and assistance in creating a custom travel itinerary, please see the first question above

Q. Do you book any non-Disney travel?

No. I no longer book any travel.

However, I do blog quite frequently about non-Disney luxury travel resorts and destinations, usually places that I feel will be of particular interest to luxury Disney travelers.

So when you are not on a Luxury Disney vacation, my Finer Side of Travel™ Blog is here to assist with your complete upscale travel information needs.

Q. Can you work with clients anywhere in the world?

Currently I focus my professional travel services on clients who are based in Canada or the U.S.

Q. Do you book flights, car rentals, transfers, etc.?

No. Unfortunately I do not book any travel whatsoever.

Q. Do I need travel insurance?

Whether or not to purchase travel insurance is a very personal question unique to each traveler. Whether it is cancellation insurance or emergency medical, you can generally make a decision as to whether you would like to purchase or decline insurance at the time of booking. If you are using a Travel Agent it is generally their duty to ensure that they offer this option to you.

Ready for Your Next Disney Vacation?

If you are ready to begin reading more about the exciting travel options available to you for your next vacation, please head over to my Luxury Disney Travel Blog.

If you enjoy podcasts, be sure to check in with 1923 Main Street: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast. New episodes every Tuesday, filled with Disney travel tips, advice and information. Available on all podcast players, or listen now!

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