Disney Vero Beach & Walt Disney World: A Disney Florida Itinerary

Walt Disney World and Disney's Vero Beach Resort: A Florida Itinerary

The Best of Both Worlds

Extend or Enhance your Walt Disney World vacation with a trip to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

There’s some truth to the sentiment that no Florida vacation is fully complete without a trip to the beach. So why not take advantage of your Walt Disney World vacation to add a little Disney beach time into the mix?

Sunrise on the beach at Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

The glow of sunrise bathes the beach at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

A Disney Beach Vacation Goes Great with a Walt Disney World Vacation

Florida has some of the best beaches around and fortunately for those who enjoy luxury Disney vacations, Disney has a beautiful property located right on the Atlantic Ocean on Florida’s sun-drenched Treasure Coast. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is part of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) portfolio of deluxe accommodations, but you don’t have to be a DVC member to stay at this amazing seaside resort.

Located less than two-hours by car from Walt Disney World and the Orlando airport, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a great way to add sun, sand and surf to your luxury Walt Disney World vacation. Who doesn’t love a little quality family beach time?

This combination vacation has been a regular summer event for our family for the last 10 years, so I can tell you from experience that it is a great way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to Disney properties in Florida.

Orlando to Vero Beach Map

The drive from Orlando to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is an easy drive of under two hours. There are toll roads on the initial leg out of Orlando so be sure to have some small bills and quarters hand to speed your time through the toll booths.

From Disney’s Vero Beach Resort to Walt Disney World

My preferred approach is to fly in to Orlando International Airport (MCO), rent a car onsite, and then drive down to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. The drive is quite easy (bring some quarters for tolls) and you will be there in less than two hours. You will need a car when visiting Disney’s Vero Beach Resort as it is somewhat isolated from the local towns (a good thing). So the car will be a valuable commodity for much more than just transportation to the resort.

Whether you start your stay with a few nights at the beach and then head up to Walt Disney World to end off your vacation, or you end your Walt Disney World holiday with a few nights at the beach, the choice is yours. However, in my experience the best approach is to start at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort (for four or five nights) and then end at Walt Disney World Resort (for three or four nights). This way, it is a much closer drive to the airport to drop off the car when you are heading home.

Summer Sunrise at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Summer sunrise on the beach at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Ocean temps are usually in the 80s.

Stunning Oceanfront Accommodations at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is set on a stunning strip of relatively quiet prime beachfront property. You can choose from a wide array of villa-style accommodations, from studio rooms (with kitchenettes) all the way up to full-size beachfront villas capable of holding a large or extended family. The resort is very much a beachfront version of a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort. Noticeably absent is the hustle and bustle that surrounds theme parks and the Walt Disney World resort properties, but there is just enough Disney magic to make it feel like home.

At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort you get the very best of Disney’s amazing hospitality, reliable and safe accommodations and first-class amenities and activities, coupled with all of the laid-back relaxing lifestyle that you associate with a day at the beach. You can choose to kick back and ignore the world as you lay on the sand or swim in the welcoming Atlantic Ocean, or you can indulge yourself in the onsite spa. For the kids, you can sign them up for a wide range of Disney-style activities or swim in a warm pool complete with a four-story waterslide. There is plenty of fun here to drift away the hours for days on end. At night you can take a quiet stroll around the expansive, lush property, or drop by the campfire pit for a lively sing-a-long and marshmallow roast.

This AAA Four Diamond Rated luxury resort is located on a picturesque stretch of Florida’s Treasure Coast and there are a number of very good shopping areas and beachfront restaurants within a few minutes drive from the hotel. Combining Vero Beach with a summer trip to Walt Disney World Resort is a great combination and the ideal way to get best of both worlds in one family vacation.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort Lobby

The main lobby at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

When to Visit Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Any time of year is great for a Disney Florida vacation, but one of the best times to go to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is during the summer months of July and August.
At this time of year, the ocean is usually nice and warm (27C and upwards — that’s up into the 80s F for us old school folks) and the beach is relatively uncrowded. In addition, sea turtle activity on the beach is very active in the summer, making this another great time to visit (you will see new turtle nests appearing each morning from activity the night before).

We visit regularly in the summer months and my recommendation would be mid- to late-August as the ideal time for this Disney Florida combination vacation. We have visited quite often in July as well. No matter when you go, the beachside relaxation of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is an ideal way to round out your luxury Walt Disney World vacation.

Cinderella Castle at Night, Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle at night, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World.

Are You Considering a Walt Disney World and Disney Vero Beach Vacation?

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