A Disney Game of Thrones: Kingdoms and Castles of Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Game of Thrones

A Disney Game of Thrones

Visiting the Kingdoms and Castles of Walt Disney World for fans of Game of Thrones

While it may not be quite as riveting (or dangerous) as House Stark vs House Lannister, the castles and kingdoms of Walt Disney World are definitely one of the biggest draws for any visitor. Looking at WDW through a Game of Thrones lens, this would make Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park the equivalent of Westeros, minus the security risks of wandering the countryside of course — fortunately for all concerned.

So while you’re enjoying your own luxurious accommodations at a recommended Disney Deluxe Resort, here’s where to go to experience your own Game of Thrones, Disney style.

Cinderella Castle, Disney Game of Thrones

Cinderella Castle, Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park is the iconic landmark of Walt Disney World Resort. In Game of Thrones terms, it would be King’s Landing (but with much nicer rulers and citizens all around). So it’s the obvious place to begin a tour of Disney Castles and Kingdoms. While most guests capture this stunning castle as a photo opp at some point during their Disney vacation, the vast majority of visitors likely don’t take the time to really appreciate the impressive level of detail that Disney Imagineers put into building this luxurious creation.

Take a moment to take it all in. The detail on the outside is surpassed only by the extravagant hand-made tile mosaics on the inside. You can see these as you pass through Cinderella Castle—they tell the story of Cinderella, similar to markings on a cave wall (only far more upscale than that, of course).

You can take it a step further by booking a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where you will be able to actually enter the castle and walk up to the second floor to a royal dining chamber. It’s well worth it (in my opinion) and we dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table at least once a year.

While you won’t be able to take a seat on the Iron Throne (probably a good thing, since it seems those who do aren’t around for very long) what you can do is take a seat (and photo) in the Cinderella Chair. This royal seat is one of the my favourite of the Cinderella hidden gems. It is located in Castle Couture right beside the Castle (out back). So be sure to pop by and check it out.

Kingdom of Corona, Disney Game of Thrones.

Rapunzel’s Kingdom of Corona, part of Disney’s Game of Thrones.

The Kingdom of Corona

Not far from Cinderella Castle is the Kingdom of Corona. Corona might be a Disney version of House Arryn.

Corona is located just past It’s a Small World and here you will find the lavishly detailed area that represents Rapunzel’s Kingdom — complete with the Rapunzel Tower in the distance. This area was once a loading bay for the Skyway to Tomorrowland (cable cars) and then a stroller parking area. So when Disney Imagineers converted it to a Restroom area and cleverly themed the whole area as the Kingdom of Corona, the results were nothing short of breathtaking.

If you love Tangled and the Rapunzel story, you must visit this Kingdom. There’s also a little-known secret here just waiting to be discovered by sharp-eyed guests. There are many hidden Pascals scattered all throughout Corona. Your job is to find them! Look high and look low and you’ll be sure to find at least a few of these sneaky little Pascals (another of my favourite of the hidden gems of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park).

Beast's Castle, Magic Kingdom GOT

Inside the Beast’s Castle, Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The Beast’s Castle

Heading back past Cinderella Castle, your next stop will be the Beast’s Castle. The Beast’s Castle might be House Stark in Game of Thrones terms.

This popular spot holds many surprises and attractions worth visiting. Aside from the must-do photos, you can dine inside the Beast’s Castle at the perennially popular Be Our Guest restaurant. If you’re lucky, you may be able to meet the Beast himself and get a photo of him towering over you. I highly recommend dining here at any meal. Be sure to visit all three rooms within the castle at some point during your meal (you are free to wander each room). The Imagineering is spectacular and an excellent recreation of the classic Disney version of the Beauty and the Beast story.

Nearby the Beast’s Castle is Maurice’s Cottage, where you can surprise Princess Belle with an enchanted live retelling of her story (Enchanted Tales with Belle). Fans of Gaston (or those just looking to enjoy hearing a few of his ego-centric witticisms) can head back past the Beast’s Castle to Gaston’s Tavern. You can also refresh yourself with a pint of LeFou’s Brew while you’re there.

Prince Eric's Castle, Disney GOT

Prince Eric’s Castle, Disney Game of Thrones.

Prince Eric’s Castle

The final of the four stops on this Castles and Kingdoms tour is Prince Eric’s Castle. This would be close to House Greyjoy or perhaps Targaryen — only a much more civil and welcoming version of course.

This is probably the most overlooked of the four on this list, but those who love Disney’s Little Mermaid will be royally enchanted by the true-to-life creation of Prince Eric’s regal home. You can’t enter this castle, but you can get plenty of photos, meet Princess Ariel in her grotto nearby and also take a ride on Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, located underneath the castle.

While you’re in this Kingdom, be sure to look across the walkway to catch a glimpse of some more interesting items relating to King Triton and even the evil Sea Witch, Ursula.

Much More Civil than Westeros

Unlike the fragile peace accords that sometimes exist in Westeros, the Kingdoms of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park are much more civil places. Sure, you may run into a bitter Lady Tremaine from time to time (she’s not shy about sharing her sarcastic views), and Gaston is still wandering around with his ego clearly in denial of past events… But for the most part, all is peaceful in the Magic Kingdom and everyone seems to be getting along famously.

What is your favourite castle or kingdom in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park?

Disney Dragon breathing fire: Disney Game of Thrones

Disney’s Magic Kingdom even features a fire-breathing dragon (Maleficent).

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