Walt Disney World: A Photographer’s Dream Destination

Disney Photographer's Dream Destination

There’s a Reason Why Disney Parks are Among the Most Photographed Places on Earth

When it comes to destination photography, few places on earth have more to offer than Disney Parks and Resorts. For those of us in North America, that means Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California.

Disney Parks and Resorts have everything that a photographer could want in a subject

When it comes to photography at Walt Disney World and other Disney Parks and Resorts, there isn’t much that you won’t be able to find. As a photographer’s dream destination, here you will find it all, including:

  • colour
  • vibrance
  • drama
  • natural beauty (around the grounds of Walt Disney World)
  • pop culture characters
  • history
  • landmarks
  • luxurious settings and
  • subject matter of mass appeal that spans the ages.
Walt Disney World Seven Seas Lagoon at Dawn

Unconventional photos, such as Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon at dawn, illustrate the calmer side of Walt Disney World Resort.

Endless Opportunity for Any Photographer

Spending a day wandering Disney properties will provide endless opportunities for classic photos and unique, rarely seen, images. With places that are photographed as much as Disney Parks — on a daily basis — the challenge for any photographer is to see where they can find unique or rare photo opportunities, those that not many people have captured before. It is definitely possible to do this, but it may take a little work and a keen photographer’s eye (and quite possibly a little Disney Magic and some luck as well).

Some sample Disney photography challenges that I enjoy are:

  • Photographing World Showcase at Epcot and trying to capture images that look like you really are in those far off lands.
  • Trying to get a unique take on classic subjects, like an awe-inspiring shot of Cinderella Castle or capturing a Disney character in a moment of thought or caring and
  • Trying to capture photos that evoke the response: “That was taken at Walt Disney World?!”

And the list goes on.

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safari

Some photos consistently get the reaction: “That’s from Walt Disney World?!” This photo that I took on Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safari (Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park) is one example of that.

It Seems There is Never Enough Time for Photography at Disney Parks and Resorts

There is literally so much photographic subject matter at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort that your biggest challenge may be time.

Usually there is never enough time to shoot everything that you want to when it comes to Disney photography. Which leaves you with the enviable problem of having to make a return trip to your favourite Disney Park or Resort to shoot some more.

I most enjoy shooting early in the morning or late in the afternoon around the Disney Parks and Resorts. Not only is the natural lighting at its best at these times of day, but in the morning in particular, it is less busy allowing for better shots with few (to no) people in them. Of course sometimes you want the crowd shots, along with Disney special events photos, fireworks, parades and the list goes on.

Fireworks over Cinderella Castle, Walt Disney World

Sometimes you just have to shoot the classics. Fireworks lighting up the night sky over Cinderella Castle has been a must-have Walt Disney World photograph since the park first opened in 1971.

When you are not on a Disney vacation it helps to keep notes when ideas pop into your head so that you won’t forget what you want to shoot the next time that you visit your favourite Disney Park or Resort.

What are your favourite things to photograph at Disney Parks and Resorts?

Are You Planning a Disney Vacation?

Whether you love to take photos for fun or for art’s sake, you’ll find a whole world of interesting subjects to photograph at Disney Parks and Resort.

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