Walt Disney World Photography Tips (Disney Travel Podcast)

Bay Lake Sunset, Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Sunset over Bay Lake from the boat launch at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

How and Where to Take the Best Possible Photos on Your Next Walt Disney World vacation

Many people all over the world dream of taking a Disney vacation and for many of those travelers, Walt Disney World will be the go-to destination for their groups and families.

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Walt Disney World is consistently one of the most photographed destinations on earth and there are very good reasons why. Simply put, Walt Disney World contains just about everything that you can think of that could be considered as must-have ingredients for producing great photos.

So it makes sense that when you travel to Walt Disney World, you will want to take the best possible photos that you can for memories that will last a lifetime. In Episode 18 of 1923 Main Street: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast, Amelia and I share our top tips for how to take great photos at Walt Disney World Resort. Equally as important, we share our top 10 favorite places within Walt Disney World that make for some of the most memorable photos you will likely capture (not including those unbeatable family shots that you’re sure to capture).

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safari

Some photos consistently get the reaction: “That is from Walt Disney World?!” This photo that I took on Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safari is one example of that.

Good Photography Equipment is No Longer a Barrier to Great Photos

Technology is no longer a barrier to capturing amazing photos.

Gone are the days when a heavy and clunky SLR or DSLR is mandatory for stellar photography. As a former professional photographer, I speak from experience. Current models of cell phones are loaded with amazing technology that can easily give you photos that will surprise even the most critical of eyes (assuming you practice some good basic skills and rules — we outline these in the episode). If you want to go a step up, there are many exceptional compact digital cameras that rival the very best of the mid-range DSLRs, but that can fit in your pocket. If you’re going to get a DSLR and only use the Auto or Program setting, then there’s really no need to lug that heavy equipment around, especially on a Walt Disney World vacation.

We hope you enjoy Episode 18 of the Disney Travel Podcast and that you take away a tip or two to help you take your Walt Disney World photography to the next level.

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