Disney Travel News Update: April 13, 2020 Edition

Disney Travel News: April 13, 2020

Disney Travel News Update: April 6-12, 2020 Edition

The top Disney Travel news stories curated for the week of April 6-12, 2020

This is your weekly Disney travel news roundup: a curated compilation of Disney travel news stories and Disney travel breaking news, sourced from around the globe and Luxury Disney Travel social media. Get all your Disney travel news in one place and never miss a thing.

The Top Stories in Disney Travel News This Week

Must Do Disney at Walt Disney World

  • Everything you must do on your Disney World vacation, broken down by ages.

Disney Might Check Guest Temperatures at Front Entrance When the Park Reopen

  • According to Bob Iger.

Churros are One of the Best Things About Disney Parks

  • Now you can make them at home.

Disneyland Tickets Aren’t Refundable Due to Coronavirus

  • But you can still reuse them.

Disney’s Park Closings Could Affect Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebrations

  • With many projects on hold, is the 50th in jeopardy?

Disneyland Plans $20,000 Renovation to Frontierland Gate

  • Once the parks reopen.

How Crowded Will Disney World be After the Pandemic Subsides?

  • A look at what the future may hold.

Disneyland’s Avengers Campus Launch is Delayed

  • No surprise, as coronavirus affects timelines.

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