Disney Travel News Update: August 10, 2020 Edition

Disney Travel News: August 10, 2020

Disney Travel News Update: August 10, 2020 Edition

The top Disney Travel news stories curated for August 10, 2020

This is your weekly Disney travel news roundup: a curated compilation of Disney travel news stories and Disney travel breaking news, sourced from around the globe and Luxury Disney Travel social media. Get all your Disney travel news in one place and never miss a thing.

Disney Travel News: The Top Stories This Week in Disney

The Magic You’re Missing Inside Disney Hotel Lobbies

  • The most overlooked places to hang out at Walt Disney World and beyond.

Splash Mountain Log Flume Ride Sinks

  • At Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

Disney World CEO Bob Chapek Says Walt Disney World Seeing Cancellations Ebb and Flow

  • Due to Covid-19 in Florida

Why is Anyone Going to Walt Disney World Right Now?

  • Playing with your life during a pandemic.

Disney World to Cut its Operating Hours

  • For the fall season.

Disneyland Employees Want Daily Covid-19 Testing

  • But the company shot down the idea.

What’s Going on with Tron and Other Future Attractions

  • At Disneyland and Walt Disney World, during Covid.

Making a Day of it Once Again

  • At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Grandmother Sues Disney World for Millions

  • After CBD oil arrest.

Disneyland Guest Shares Secret Park Feature for Dogs

  • Guests say “I never knew this.”

Someone Tried to Drive Down the Stairs at Wilderness Lodge

  • Why is a mystery.

Parents Not Ready to Take Their Kids to Disneyland

  • According to a new poll.

Virtual Disneyland?

  • Someone is remaking rides in Dreams on PSVR.

It’s Time to Rethink Theme Parks

  • Creative ways to reopen while social distancing.

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