Disney Travel News Update: June 15, 2020 Edition

Disney Travel News: June 15, 2020

Disney Travel News Update: June 8-14, 2020 Edition

The top Disney Travel news stories curated for June 15, 2020

This is your weekly Disney travel news roundup: a curated compilation of Disney travel news stories and Disney travel breaking news, sourced from around the globe and Luxury Disney Travel social media. Get all your Disney travel news in one place and never miss a thing.

Disney Travel News: The Top Stories This Week in Disney

Walt Disney World Transportation

  • The good, the bad and the ugly for all methods of onsite WDW transportation.

Disney Fans Say Splash Mountain Should be ReThemed

  • Princess and the Frog is a leading idea.

An Update from Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

  • On their reopening.

What Will the NBA Disney Orlando Bubble Look Like?

  • What you want to know about the location.

Walt Disney World Releases New Safety Protocols for Disney Resort Hotels

  • Ahead of their reopening.

After Reopening, Walt Disney World Will Need Less Social Distancing

  • And more air travel to get back on track.

Will Disney World and Disneyland Phone It In This Summer?

  • They’re opening, but don’t expect them to be at their best.

Disney Lays Out Plans for Reopening Disneyland

  • And chooses a very special date.

Disney Scrubs 2020 Alaska and Europe Cruises

  • Cancels a couple of cruise seasons.

We Visited One of the First Disney World Area Hotels to Open

  • Here’s what it was like.

Tens of Thousands Sign Petition to Keep Disneyland Closed

  • Until after the pandemic is under control.

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