Disney Travel News Update: June 28, 2021 Edition

Disney Travel News June 28, 2021

Your Disney Travel News Update: June 28, 2021 Edition

The top Disney Travel news stories curated for June 28, 2021

This is your weekly Disney travel news roundup: a curated compilation of Disney travel news stories and Disney travel breaking news, sourced from around the globe and Luxury Disney Travel social media. The best Disney travel news from the best sources. Get all your Disney travel news in one place and never miss a thing.

Disney Travel News: The Top Stories This Week in Disney

The Bare Necessities of Disney Life (Disney Podcast)

  • Packing tips for a Walt Disney World vacation.

Walt Disney World Reveals Special Shows

  • For 50th Anniversary celebrations.

A Woman Jumped Off a Walt Disney World Ride

  • And fell into the water (trying to steal a vegetable).

Playful, Curious and Pretty Chill

  • Disney celebrates birth of new giraffe.

Seven Disneyland Restaurants and Bars

  • Set reopening dates.

250 Alligators Removed from Disney World Waters

  • Since boy died in 2016.

26 of the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes

  • At Walt Disney World.

Something You Won’t Find in Any Restroom

  • In a Disney Park.

How to Budget for a Trip to Disney World

  • It all starts with a plan.

Walt Disney World’s Focus on Retheming Hotel Rooms

  • Is a financial win.

Theme Park Rides Could End Disney’s 17-year Streak

  • Of failed movie franchises.

Did You Hear That?

  • Disney to test fireworks ahead of restart.

Disneyland Brings Scan and Go Shopping

  • To theme park stores.

Disneyland Makes Tossing Leftover Food

  • A little less wasteful.

Seven Reasons Why Walt Disney World

  • Is one of the most accessible travel destinations.

Disney Offers $1000 Signing Bonus

  • Months after layoffs.

Disneyland and California Adventure to Reintroduce Single Rider Lines

  • For select attractions.

Disneyland Avengers Campus Selling Life Size Iron Man Statue

  • For $8,000.

Fully Vaccinated Disneyland Cast Members

  • No longer required to wear masks outdoors.

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