Disney Travel News Update: September 6, 2021 Edition

Weekly Disney Travel News: September 6, 2021

Your Disney Travel News Update: September 6, 2021 Edition

The top Disney Travel news stories curated for September 6, 2021

This is your weekly Disney travel news roundup: a curated compilation of Disney travel news stories and Disney travel breaking news, sourced from around the globe and Luxury Disney Travel social media. The best Disney travel news from the best sources. Get all your Disney travel news in one place and never miss a thing.

Disney Travel News: The Top Stories This Week in Disney

The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary is Almost Here (Disney Podcast)

  • Is Disney doing enough to make this an exciting celebration worth visiting?

Disney World History

  • Preview Center welcomed guests before the first park opened.

Disney World Announces Holiday Season Hours

  • For first week of November.

Study Predicts the Cost of Disney Tickets in 10 Years

  • Will you still visit?

Disneyland Runs Out of Magic Key Pass Reservations

  • For the first two weekends.

Disney KiteTails is Coming

  • To Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

Disneyland Resort will Celebrate the Holiday Season

  • With beloved traditions.

Walt Disney World at 50

  • How much do you know about the iconic destination?

Disneyland has a Secret Menu Cocktail

  • Named after a favorite Disneyland feral cat.

Disneyland Adding Waterfront Dining

  • Across from Haunted Mansion.

Walt Disney World Railroad

  • Steam trains will be off-track for the 50th Anniversary.

Low Wait Times and Guest Perks

  • Disneyland’s Magic Key is off to a strong start.

Friendly Spirits Awakened

  • Halloween Time returns to Disneyland.

The Bra Store that was Too Racy for Disneyland Guests

  • Could you imagine this on Main Street USA today?

Medals Revealed

  • For Walt Disney World marathon weekend.

Sigh. Fight Breaks Out

  • At Walt Disney World ferry terminal.

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