What are the Best Disney Travel Twitter Accounts?

What are the best Disney travel Twitter Accounts?

15 of the Best Disney Twitter Accounts to Follow

If you’re on Twitter and love Disney travel then these Disney Twitter accounts are a must to follow.

These 15 Disney Twitter accounts are some of the best and most picturesque Twitter feeds out there for anyone who enjoys seeing a steady stream of top notch eye-catching Disney travel photos, along with late breaking news and information.

The Best Disney Travel Accounts on Twitter

Following these Disney-related accounts is a great way to jump start your Disney travel Twitter feed.

Disney Parks
[Visit Disney Parks on Twitter]

The official Twitter account for Disney Parks is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information from Disney Parks destinations in North America.

Walt Disney World
[Visit Walt Disney World on Twitter]

The official Walt Disney World Twitter feed focuses on everything to do with travel to the Most Magical Place on Earth. If you want to be in the know on what’s happening at Walt Disney World, follow this feel to be in the loop.

Walt Disney World Today
[Visit Walt Disney World Today on Twitter]

While the official Walt Disney World Twitter feed is great for keep up on news and information, you won’t be able to interact much (if at all) with that account. The Walt Disney World Today Twitter feed is a great one to follow to get WDW news and information — and to offer a #CastCompliment or get advice on where to go when you’re having an issue at Walt Disney World. They’ll even give you a little countdown graphic if you tweet them about how many days until your next Walt Disney World vacation. A very interactive feed.

Disney Weddings
[Visit Disney Weddings on Twitter]

You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic or even planning a Disney wedding to enjoy this Disney Twitter feed. The Disney Weddings account on Twitter has some of the most breathtaking and magical images taken from Disney travel destinations around the globe. Definitely worth a look.

Disneyland Resort
[Visit Disneyland on Twitter]

The official feed of Disneyland Resort is similar to the official feed for Walt Disney World: it’s a great source of news and information for your Disneyland vacation, but it won’t likely interact with you. For that, there’s another Twitter feed (see below).

Disneyland Today
[Visit Disneyland Today on Twitter]

Disneyland Today is the sister feed of the official Disneyland Resort Twitter account. The main difference is that this account is far more active and will often respond to your requests, comments and inquiries. You can learn a lot of good information from the Disneyland Today Twitter feed.

Disney Springs
[Visit Disney Springs on Twitter]

Disney Springs has a fairly active Twitter feed. This is a great one to follow for the latest in Disney food and merchandise, plus special events and more.

Disney Aulani
[Visit Disney Aulani on Twitter]

The Disney Aulani Twitter feed is not the most active, but it’s a good one to follow if you’re planning a Hawaiian vacation or just want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Disney’s premier island resort destination.

Disney Cruise Line
[Visit Disney Cruise on Twitter]

If you’re dreaming of sailing away on a Disney Cruise, the Disney Cruise Line Twitter feed is there for you. This is a fairly active feed with a continual stream of fun photos and valuable information relating to everything Disney Cruise.

Disneyland Paris
[Visit Disneyland Paris on Twitter]

Disneyland Paris has an English feed on Twitter, which is perfect if you’re planning to visit DLP, or just want to keep up on what’s new at Europe’s premier theme park destination.

Disney PhotoPass
[Visit Disney PhotoPass on Twitter]

Not as well known as other Disney Twitter accounts, Disney PhotoPass is a great feed to follow if you want to be among the first to know about the coolest new PhotoPass opportunities coming your way at Disney Parks.

Shop Disney
[Visit Shop Disney on Twitter]

While not exclusive to merchandise in Disney destinations, the overwhelming majority of what you’ll see here is indeed from Disney Parks and Resorts. Either way, if you like to shop Disney, then this is a must follow Disney travel Twitter feed.

Disneyland AP
[Visit Disneyland Annual Pass on Twitter]

Whether or not you’re a Disneyland Annual Passholder, this Twitter feed is a great source for what’s happening (and what will be happening) at Disneyland Resort. Well worth following if you’re a Disneyland traveler.

Mike Belobradic: Luxury Disney Travel
[Visit Mike Belobradic on Twitter]

If you enjoy the finer side of Disney travel, this feed covers upscale and luxurious Disney travel news and information for resorts including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Aulani, DVC Resort, Disneyland Paris and much more. Follow along on Twitter to get expert advice on luxury Disney travel.

Run Disney
[Visit runDisney on Twitter]

Run Disney races are very popular and as a result, their Twitter feed is loaded fun news, photos and information about Run Disney races at Disney Parks in Florida and California. Even if you’re not a competitor, it’s a fun feed to follow to keep up on what’s happening at Disney Parks.

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