Which Floor at Bay Lake Tower Should I Request?

Best Floor at Disney's Bay Lake Tower

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Which floor at Bay Lake Tower should I request?

I get a lot of questions from readers of my Luxury Disney Travel Blog (and the corresponding free Newsletter) and from time-to-time I pick a question or two to answer in the blog. Typically these are the questions that I get asked more than once.

In this edition of Ask a Disney Travel Expert, I answer the question: Which floor at Bay Lake Tower should I request?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question because it depends on a few things.

The first dependency is which view you have: Theme Park View, Bay Lake View etc. I’ll assume for argument’s sake that we’re talking about upper floors here, because there are ground floor walkouts that some guests prefer. Usually guests who prefer ground floor rooms will go ahead and book them: they won’t ask about other floors. It’s one of those polarizing preferences in my experience.

Front Entrance of Disney's Bay Lake Tower

The front entrance of Disney’s Bay Lake Tower.

So based on the assumption that we’re talking about upper floors, here is what I would recommend for which floors to request at Bay Lake Tower.

Bay Lake Tower has 15 floors. If you have a Theme Park View room, then that means you’ll also be overlooking the parking lot area of the hotel. So for Theme Park View rooms at Bay Lake Tower I would recommend anything from the eighth floor upward. Anything lower than that and the parking lot starts to become too much of a distraction or eyesore.

For Bay Lake View rooms, I would recommend anything from the seventh floor and up. You have a bit more wiggle room in these rooms (no eyesores), but seventh floor and upwards will generally give you better vantage points in the distance (for example, watching the nighttime shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the distance0.

Generally, I do not recommend rooms in the inner horseshoe of Bay Lake Tower — especially the rooms that face each other on opposite sides of the inner horseshoe (as you can see in the photo below). However, if you are in this area, the inner rooms that look out over the pool and Bay Lake are decent rooms. In the photo below, these are the rooms in the middle of the image).

In fact, you’ll get some very nice sunrise views from the upper floors in these outward-facing inner rooms. So if you are going to be within the inner side of the horseshoe, I recommend that you request one of these rooms facing directly outward (as close to dead center as possible) and on the eighth floor and upward.

Other than that, I don’t have a specific floor preference and we have stayed at Bay Lake Tower more than 10 times and on many different floors. For me, it’s the higher the better.

The inner courtyard of Bay Lake Tower.

The inner courtyard of Bay Lake Tower.

Sample Room Views from Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

I have several posts in my Luxury Disney Travel Blog featuring the room views from many rooms at Bay Lake Tower.

Here is the view from a 12th floor Theme Park View Room at Bay Lake Tower.

This view is from a Bay Lake View room on the seventh floor of Bay Lake Tower.

Finally, this is the view from a room on the 10th floor within the horseshoe, overlooking the Bay Cove Pool and Bay Lake.

You’ll find even more room views from Bay Lake Tower and other Deluxe Disney Resorts in my Room Views category.

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