Why You Should Head to Disney’s Epcot for a Cup of Beverly

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Why You Should Head to Epcot at Walt Disney World for a Cool Cup of Beverly

There’s an ongoing tradition among regular Disney travelers and it has nothing to do with rides, attractions, characters or resort hotels. In fact, it has nothing to do with almost anything Disney at all.

It’s all about Beverly.

Who is Beverly you ask? The question is not who, but what. What is Beverly?

To most Walt Disney World travelers, Beverly is the most polarizing drink flavour that you can find at the Club Cool free soft drink sampling station at Epcot in Walt Disney World. Club Cool, sponsored by Coca Cola, features unique and different Coca Cola soft drink products from around the world that you can try for free (from a soda fountain machine in mini cups). I highly encourage you to drop by to check it out.

Beverly tends to get the biggest reactions because it is a very sour flavour — not something that many people (it seems) would associate with a refreshing soft drink.

Beverly in Club Cool at Epcot.

The Beverly dispenser in Club Cool at Epcot, Walt Disney World.

Personally, I love Beverly.

I know that that my taste for Beverly puts me way into the minority group, but I love tonic water and Beverly reminds me of a slightly sweeter version of tonic water. I bet that it would be great with a little splash of vodka or gin.

There’s a great post about the history of the Beverly drink on the Coca Cola website. I found it while doing a search one day to learn more about this delicious nectar that everyone but me seems to love to hate.

It turns out that Beverly has its origins in Italy in 1969, where it was created to be a non-alcoholic aperitif. I could totally see that. In fact, there were apparently two versions of Beverly in Italy: Classic and White. I don’t know what the difference is, but I’m guessing that the White version is the one that we get to sample at Epcot, because that is the version that’s still available for sampling at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. I’m really curious what the Classic Beverly tasted like and would love to be able to get a sample of that! So Coke people…if you’re listening and you happen to have some Classic Beverly still available…just saying.

Club Cool Drink Machine, Epcot

Beverly is one of many Coca Cola Company drinks from around the globe that you can sample for free at Club Cool.

Beverly’s Fame Was Not Enough to Save Her

Still, it seems that while Beverly enjoyed many years of popularity, it’s fame (and presumably sales) slowly declined to the point that it was officially discontinued from commercial production in 2009, according to the Coca-Cola website.

Nowadays, Beverly exists only as a sample designed to shock drinkers in places like The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta and at Walt Disney World’s Club Cool in Epcot.

So while there are Beverly haters out there (but they’ll still gladly encourage others to sample the drink, just waiting for the typical facial grimacing and reaction), I actually enjoy Beverly and make sure to have a cup or two each time I pass by Club Cool at Epcot.

So if you haven’t tried Beverly yet, be sure to give it a shot before it disappears forever. This is one of those classic Walt Disney World traditions that will most certainly have a place in Disney trivia at some point after it is gone. You’ll want to be among those who can say with authority: “I tried Beverly and I …. it!”

And if there are any other fans of my beloved Beverly out there, please feel free to lend support in the comments below. I’ll understand, however, if there is radio silence on this one, as I know that I am well in the minority when it comes to the merits of my old carbonated friend, known as Beverly.

Club Cool, Flavors Around the World.

Club Cool, Flavors Around the World.

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