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Sunny Days & Smoky BBQ

Random Facts

I have spent 94 weeks visiting Walt Disney World: #95 is up next
First time I visited Walt Disney World: March 1972 (six months after grand opening)
Number of wood-fired smokers I own: Five
Number of years snowboarding: 23
Most guitars I have owned at one time: 22
First memory: Standing at the gates of Disneyland Resort at age four

These are just a few random bits of information.
I will change them periodically to see if anyone even notices.

Looking for my bio? Find it here.

Mike Belobradic, Snowboarding Since 1993
Mike Belobradic Photography Since 1985
Mike Belobradic, BBQ Chef Since 2008
Mike Belobradic, Guitarist and Songwriter since 1976

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