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#LuxuryDisney: I am a Luxury Travel Blogger and former Luxury Travel Advisor.
This Blog Celebrates the Magic and Merit of Luxury Disney Travel.

I have spent 97 weeks at Walt Disney World Resort properties: #98 is up next
First time I visited Walt Disney World: March 1972 (six months after grand opening)
Number of years with regular visits to Walt Disney World: 45
Number of different Disney Deluxe Resorts I have stayed in: All of them
Longest Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel: Three Weeks
First memory: Standing at the gates of Disneyland (California) at age four

The Finer Side of Travel: A Luxury Disney Travel Blog. #LuxuryDisney
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New to Disney Travel? A Guide to Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation.

As my 100th Walt Disney World Visit approaches I was recently featured in the Oakville Beaver.

Mike Belobradic, Walt Disney World Traveler
Mike Belobradic Luxury Travel Blogger
Mike Belobradic, Deluxe Disney Travel Specialist
The Finer Side of Travel: Luxury Disney Travel Blog
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